Does the iPhone 11 have MagSafe? Let’s find out…

The Answer: Yes, the iPhone 11 can do wireless charging. But it’s not the fastest, and it doesn’t have the MagSafe bells and whistles. Still, if you’re a fan of wireless charging, the iPhone 11 won’t let you down. Just don’t expect the magnetic perks that come with newer models.

Key Takeaways: MagSafe and iPhone 11

  • MagSafe on Newer iPhones: Apple’s iPhone 13 series comes with MagSafe as a standard feature. The iPhone 12 series also supports MagSafe. And so do all iPhones released thereafter.
  • iPhone 11 and MagSafe: The iPhone 11 series, which includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, does not natively support MagSafe. This technology was introduced starting with the iPhone 12.
  • Third-Party Solutions: Due to the iPhone 11’s continued popularity in the refurbished market, several third-party accessory makers have developed solutions to bring MagSafe-like features to the iPhone 11 series.
  • Moment’s M(Force) Case: Moment, a renowned case manufacturer, has introduced the M(Force) case for the iPhone 11 series. This case uses Moment’s proprietary M(Force) technology, which mimics MagSafe’s functionality.
  • Benefits of M(Force): With the Moment M(Force) case, iPhone 11 users can utilize a variety of MagSafe-compatible accessories, from wallets and chargers (though not at the full 15W speed) to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. The case also supports Moment’s range of M(Force) mounts, such as car vent mounts, tripod mounts, and more.
  • Moment Rugged Case: Among Moment’s offerings, the Rugged Case for the iPhone 11 stands out for its premium design and snug fit. It’s available for purchase at $19.99.

MagSafe is one of Apple’s new innovations. The technology, which is composed of a wire coil located inside your iPhone, lets users attach things to the back of their iPhones – things like an external battery pack or a holder for your cards.

You can also use MagSafe for wireless charging, albeit in a very slow manner, and for attaching accessories to your iPhone like wallets and tags. Plenty of case brands now offer MagSafe cases too, so if you have a compatible iPhone you can reap the benefits of MagSafe.

Does iPhone 11 Have MagSafe?

Apple’s iPhone 11 does not support MagSafe. The technology was only introduced aboard the iPhone 12. This means no iPhone 11 – not the standard model nor the iPhone 11 Pro Max – supports MagSafe. If you want MagSafe, you’ll need to go with any iPhones released from the iPhone 12 series.

But all is not lost. Because the iPhone 11 is still selling like hotcakes via refurbished channels, plenty of third-party accessory brands have found workarounds that bring MagSafe-style connectivity to Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Does The iPhone 11 Have Wireless Charging?

The iPhone 11 does support wireless charging. Just place it on any Qi-compatible charger and it starts juicing up. But hold on a second. It’s not lightning-fast. You’re capped at a 7.5W charging speed.

Need to charge up quickly? Wireless isn’t your go-to here. It’s more about the convenience factor.

So, to wrap it up: Yes, the iPhone 11 can do wireless charging. But it’s not the fastest, and it doesn’t have the MagSafe bells and whistles. Still, if you’re a fan of wireless charging, the iPhone 11 won’t let you down. Just don’t expect the magnetic perks that come with newer models.

How To Make The iPhone 11 MagSafe

The iPhone 11 series – and, yes, that includes the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max – does not support MagSafe. But that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of the technology while using these phones. 

You won’t be able to get “native” MagSafe functionality and connectivity but you will be able to get most of the benefits of MagSafe on your iPhone 11 with a special type of case. 

The upshot of this is that you can start using MagSafe accessories with your iPhone 11, including things like car mounts and wallet attachments. The downside? You’ll have to buy a specific type of case. 

Here’s everything you need to know about making your iPhone 11 MagSafe compatible…

MagSafe Case For iPhone 11

Moment, a case manufacturer, has designed a new case that will bring MagSafe to the iPhone 11 – all models. Called the Moment M(Force), the case uses Moment’s M(Force) technology which is basically just MagSafe by another name. With the case on your iPhone 11, you can start using nearly all compatible MagSafe products.

With a Moment M(Force) case on their iPhone 11, users can connect wallets, use MagSafe chargers (though not at 15W), or even use Apple’s new MagSafe Battery Pack with minimal compromises. These cases also support Moment’s line of MagSafe M(Force) mounts. Moment offers various mounts, including a car vent mount, tripod mounts, cold shoe mounts, wall mounts, and more.Apple Insider

Moment Rugged Case for the iPhone 11

Moment M(Force)Pin
Moment Rugged Case for the iPhone 11

Moment’s new M(Force) cases are now widely available for all of Apple’s iPhone 11 models. They’re also really nice to look at too. I really love the Moment Rugged Case for the iPhone 11 – it looks premium as heck and fits super-snuggly to your iPhone’s chassis. If you want to pick one up, these cases are now available to buy for $49.99.

And if you want to get really fancy, most of Moment’s MagSafe – uh, M(Force), sorry – cases support its Moment Lenses, so you can attach a wide array of different styles of lenses directly to the case, including fisheye lenses and macro lens. Pretty cool, right?

Aside from 5G, MagSafe is one of the only things really missing from the iPhone 11 in 2022. I’ve written multiple posts extolling the virtues of buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The phone now costs less than a standard iPhone 12, has more than enough processing power and performance, and has a brilliant camera too.

And for better than half the price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, that makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max excellent value for money – especially if you’re looking to save some cash. I currently run one right now and plan on doing so until at least late-2023. It has everything I need and more. You cannot get 5G where I live, so saving $400+ on the phone was a no-brainer when I needed a new phone mid-way through 2021.

And while I could have got the entry-level iPhone 12, I figured I’d be better off with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Better to have a slightly older flagship with all the trimmings than a newer, standard model, right?

Plus the iPhone 12’s battery absolutely sucks.