Not having much luck with Tinder? Reddit is a great resource for learning more about Tinder, how it works, and how to use it more successfully – from pick up lines to general etiquette, Reddit and Tinder go hand in hand

If you don’t know what Reddit is, what have you been doing? Reddit is one of the most useful, engaging, and informative platforms on the web. Nothing else comes even remotely close.

When it comes to Tinder and Reddit, you have TONS of useful resources at your disposal for things like better understanding how Tinder works, to tips and tricks for getting more matches and dates. You can even ask more experienced Tinder users for advice on Reddit.

Reddit + Tinder = More Matches & Dates

If you’re brand new to Tinder, it can all feel very daunting. But with platforms like Reddit, you have access to an endless wealth of tips, tricks, and advice. If you’re completely new to both, you’ll first want to register an account with Reddit, then join some subreddit communities.

You even have options for online dating courses too – these are great idea if you’re completely new to concept of dating people online.

You’ll need to register with an email, set a user name, but that is literally it. Once you’re registered, you can start joining subreddits. And there’s a bunch of Tinder subreddits on Reddit.

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Inside these subreddits, you’ll find plenty of actionable advise on how to use Tinder, how to interact with matches, and how to set up your Tinder profile for maximum results.

I’ve listed some of the best Tinder subreddits below. If you’re just starting, join these and spend some time reading the posts and asking questions. Most of the time people are pretty friendly on Reddit – just make sure to read the subreddits FAQ and ensure you abide by the rules.

Best Tinder Subreddits on Reddit

  • Tinder this is kind of the official Tinder subreddit on Reddit, it is also the largest Tinder subreddit on Reddit with over 4 million users. You’ll find a wealth of useful information inside this subreddit as well as plenty of actionable advice.
  • Tinder Stories – Tinder Stories is a great subreddit where you read about other peoples’ experiences – good and bad – with the platform. You will find horror stories, funny stories, and downright weird stories. If you want to waste a couple of hours, this is the best place to do it!
  • Tinder Pick Up Lines Tinder Pick Up Lines is a subreddit dedicated entirely to the science of constructing the perfect Tinder pick up lines and/or icebreakers. Largely populated by men, this subreddit, while at times a little dicey, is definitely worth a look if you’re unsure how to break the ice with matches on Tinder.

Tinder Pick Up Lines – These Are The Best, According To Reddit

Mashable collected 20 of the most popular Tinder pick up lines; you can see the full post here. Or, if you want instant access to some good Tinder openers check out the infographic below!

How To Use Reddit To Improve Your Tinder Game In 2021Pin

My advice? Avoid pick up lines – especially if you’re a man. They come across as cheesy and a little sleazy. The best advice, though cliche, is to be yourself, ask a genuine question or pay them a compliment – but keep it clean.

You can try pick up lines, obviously, but research suggests that jokes tend to work better and while jokes are definitely pickup lines, they’re also more interesting as an icebreaker.

And if you need some jokes, you can find some here.

Especially if you use jokes that require engagement, like: “What’s the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?” – here you’d post the joke as your icebreaker on Tinder and then wait for your match to respond, then you hit them with a punchline.

Which, in this case, is snowballs.

Again, this is pretty cheesy – but done right it can work great as an icebreaker. Just try to keep it non-offensive, as you have NO IDEA who you’re dealing with and you do not want to upset them right off the bat.

Funny Tinder Stories? There’s A Subreddit For That…

Reddit is also home to some of the funniest stories about Tinder that you’ll find on the web. From horror stories to feel good stories, there’s thousands to choose from – and you can learn a lot from these stories.

By reading about other peoples’ experiences on Tinder, you can understand more about how the whole online dating thing works, what to expect, and how not to act on your Tinder dates.

There’s also a darker side to Tinder too, and you’ll find first hand accounts of its in r/tinderstories – some of it is downright creepy. Like this one:

My friend told me this horrific story yesterday and it has to be the scariest thing I ever heard so I felt like sharing it to remind everyone to stay safe and cautious!! This happened to a friend of our friend not too long ago. So, this girl matched with a guy on tinder and went on a couple of dates with him. On the first two dates they went for coffee on walks outside. She really liked him, thought he was friendly, good looking, etc, and thought they clicked. For the third date the guy suggested she should come over to his place to have some wine. She agreed because she felt safe and comfortable enough to do so at this point

read the full story here.

As is often the case, whenever you’re using something like Tinder, you need to ensure that you always meet people in public places – never just go to their house. Murders have happened. And this means you ALWAYS have to be careful.

Reddit is an invaluable tool for those that are new to tinder and online dating in general. You can connect with thousands of people, ask questions, get insight and advice, and read all about best practices and even get tips for Tinder pick up lines and icebreakers.