Samsung Galaxy S3 shipments outpace the iPhone 4S

News Paul Briden 13:26, 8 Nov 2012

More Samsung Galaxy S3's have shipped than iPhone 4S's in 2012's third quarter

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has outshipped Apple’s iPhone 4S in 2012’s third quarter, according to figures from Strategy Analytics.

The South Korean phone-maker reportedly shipped 18 million Galaxy S3’s globally during the quarter, securing a market share of 10.7 per cent compared to the iPhone 4S’s 16.2 million at 9.7 per cent.

Strategy Analytics calculates that Apple has shipped 6 million iPhone 5’s since the handset launched in September this year, accounting for a 3.6 per cent market share.

Understandably, iPhone 4S shipments dropped from Q2’s 19.4 million, a 12.7 per cent share, where Samsung shipped only 5.4 million Galaxy S3’s in the same period with a 3.5 per cent share.

Currently the Galaxy S3 sales are at 10 million in the last two months and 30 million for the whole year.

It’s expected that in the next quarter the iPhone 5 will outsell the Galaxy S3 and sales may even be buoyed by the company’s newly announced iPad Mini, tempting users onto a cohesive experience across both devices.

Recent Apple share fluctuation saw the company’s stock drop by 3.8 per cent and comments from analysts suggest investor confidence could be beginning to waver.

At the same time, a former engineering manager from the Cupertino iPhone giant has publicly warned that Apple may be on a downward slope.

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