BBC launches iPhone iPlayer app

News 17:14, 13 Dec 2011

Catch-up TV is at last available directly on your iPhone thanks to the BBC's new dedicated iPhone iPlayer app, featuring auto-adjusting streaming and AirPlay functionality built-in

The BBC has now launched its dedicated iPhone iPlayer app in the UK, allowing Apple users to stream radio and TV content from the Beeb’s recent programming direct to their mobile devices.

This official app also adds support for the iOS AirPlay feature, which enables streaming from the phone to a compatible Apple TV.

Not only that, but it includes HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), some clever tech wizardy which allows the app to alter streaming quality in-line with your data or Wi-Fi signal strength.

It’s pretty neat stuff and should mean that instead of your favourite programs dropping out completely you might just get a slightly fuzzier picture if you happen to wander into a dodgy signal area.

According to the BBC’s official blog post, the same functionality (presumably minus the exclusively Apple-based AirPlay stuff) will be coming to ‘all supported devices’ in dedicated app form soon enough, which includes at the very least Android and Symbian to name but a few.

Allegedly these new builds will be coming ‘shortly’ which we expect means early next year.

You can download the iPhone version of the BBC iPlayer app now for free from the iTunes App Store.

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