iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will not get AirDrop

News Richard Goodwin 16:33, 19 Sep 2013

Apple’s legacy iPhones – the iPhone 4 and 4S – will not get AirDrop-support inside iOS 7, Apple has confirmed

As predicted, Apple has confirmed its Mac-based AirDrop file sharing system inside iOS 7, however, users with older handsets – the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S – will not get access to the feature. 

AirDrop, in case you’re unaware, is a means of sharing files – docs, music, images – wirelessly between Apple devices, say your iPhone and your MacBook Pro. 

AirDrop is designed to be quick and simple, allowing for the quick dissemination of media between devices within Apple’s ecosystem.

AirDrop’s inclusion inside iOS is yet another example of Apple’s desire to bring together its mobile (iOS) and desktop (OS X) platforms. 

So AirDrop isn’t supported on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. We know that. But now the question is why? In order to get some answers we decided to do some digging. Our first port of call was Apple’s UK PR – but so far we’ve heard nothing back (although that could change – we are, until the end, eternal optimists here at KYM). 

Next we tried Apple’s Technical Support line, and to begin with it looked like we were going to get some answers. The lovely chap on the end of the phone went away for a few minutes, we listened to Ellie Goulding, and then he returned with the following answer: “AirDrop isn’t supported on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S” 

When asked why this was the case, whether it ia a technical issue or something, the Apple Technical Support worker replied, “no, it’s just not supported. But you can upgrade to the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, which go on sale tomorrow.” 

And that, as they say, is that. 

We’ll update with more information as soon as we know more. 

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Oh no! Does that mean that we will have to use bluetooth, mms, email or a 3rd party app like Bump? Nothing like alienating your base while you are already a year behind the competition.

Because as we all know, android does so well updating their older phones with it's newest features...

Apple could SO easily implement this for older devices such as 4/4s. It's another way of them making the i5 look more appealing so people will buy it... Shameful.

Same mentality that prevents us using AirPrint on some older printers, this sickening proprietary mentality combined with ignoring the wishes of loyal customers for The sake of greedy profiteering.

Yes shame on them for providing incentives to push upgrades. Who do they think they are.....a billion dollar mega technological business? *rolls eyes*

People complaining are hilarious. If you don't believe in upgrades that's your prerogative. But businesses thrive on creating incentives for those of us who DO to do exactly that. Is what it is. But complaining about it like Apple is engaging in some kind of scheme is pathetic.

The iPhone 5 (and iPad 4) have the new dual channel WiFi chips, where as the older products don't. Expecially with a sharing feature Apple would want as many people to have it to build critical mass, but the HW just isn't there to do it well (or at all in most cases) with the old stuff. Its a bummer, but hey ... it happens.
PS: I really don't think this is some conspiracy to rip you off ...

not worth it to sell my 4s to buy the iPhone 5

Your wrong I had a online chat with an apple worker who helps design the ios software he told me that air drop will be for iPhone 4S but in one of the late betas because they are still editing it so it will work with the a5 and a4 chip.

I mean like even though the iphone 4 and 4s is older alot of people still have that phone(s) and some people who want a iphone but dont have enough money for a iphone 5 get a iphone 4 4s

As far as I know, airdrop is not the wifi technology and doesn't require internet. The airdrop sharing is with the bluetooth. Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s does have bluetooth. So keep your Wifi chips with you. I am fine with my dropbox app.

I'm getting rid of 4 s and apple upgrade to Nokia windows phone much better iOS 7 what a waste

Well, it can also means that the so call newest features doesn't really new at all..

Yes, I know, so many silly people not wanting to add more to the techno-waste piling up in poor developing countries.

This is pure ripping customers they would have easily given it for 4 and 4s . Any way the new software is rubbish and more importantly apple haven't learned from the past mistake of being rigid and less user friendly there by loosing hefty market to Samsung who is more flexible . Bye bye apple

No reason this doesn't work on the 4s. Just greed.

This apple model of disabling useful features whilst many devices are easily capable of running, such as the most recent AirDrop, is complete BS. If they had any knowledge of their customer base, they would know that trying to push someone to buy their newest devices by limiting their current ones is one of the most low things that they could do, from the customers who have paid you your 300% margins...thanks, great job. iPhone 4S/4/3GS aren't capable of sending photos over wifi, but can process 3D first person shooters? Please. If Apple had anything remarkable left to offer, then they would not need to resort to this crap.


A Disappointed Customer

MY NEXT PHONE WILL NOT BE AN apple. this is bull s**t. this is why I dont have any money now!! always got mo bulls**t to buy.

F*** apple

With out airdrop "support" for the 4 and 4S. Here is a one solution. As Apple would say,"there an app for that." Go to App Store. Search "Flick Ydangle". Install on both devices. It even works with iPhone 3 and 3G. Apple says AirDrop is not supported by the 4 is a complete lie. For the record, it works for adroid too.

flick works best for pictures. Can do videos but it takes long while to do so. There are a few apps that does have airdrop features but ill leave that for you to discover. Just search "file transfer" in the App Store or Market place. There are quite a few. Again, everyone has to have the same app to do this. The airdrop might have a hardware issue with the older iPhones but if third parties can make their own versions that will work with older models, I don't see why it is even an issue.

Do not support any Appel product to let them know not to take the public for fools

Um...say that again when the iOS7 gets jailbroken, and Cydia developers provide AirDrop anyway. They didn't want to give us Siri, yet we can still get it from Cydia. So, yes Apple is being a major asshole, and no your idea is wrong.

Don't worry, the jailbreak will come soon.

You people can go to cydia oN iPhone 4 stuff and install airdrop enabler.
Enjoy ;) #lovejailbreak

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