Android is better than iPhone in many ways, says Apple co-founder

News Richard Goodwin 08:45, 17 Jan 2012

Steve Wozniak has claimed that Google’s Android platform has Apple's iOS beaten in many ways

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed that Google’s Android operating system beats Apple’s iPhone experience in many ways, including navigation and voice dictation.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Wozniak said: ‘I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.’

That’s not to say that Woz doesn’t like the iPhone. He does. And in most cases he still thinks that it's the best smartphone currently on the market.

The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do,’ says Wozniak.

According to the interview, Woz believes that Android has better voice commands and built-in navigation.

He also conceded that Android is quite a bit more complex to use compared to Apple’s iOS platform, but added: ‘if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways.’

Speaking about Siri vs. Google Voice, Woz dropped a bombshell:

‘I have a lower success rate with Siri than I do with the voice built into the Android, and that bothers me.’ This is something we can agree with the man on – the lack of navigation-support in the UK on Apple’s Siri is extremely disappointing.

Woz currently uses a Motorola DROID RAZR, although he has been given a Samsung Galaxy Nexus by his good buddy Andy Rubin – the head of Google’s Android platform. A man that Woz says he respects a great deal.

Our 2p? This scribbler is still committed to iOS. But after seeing Android 4.0 in action, things could indeed be on the change. Google has introduced a lot of refinements and improvements to the platform, which is immediately noticeable when you boot it up on either a smartphone or a tablet.

Could Android do to iOS what Microsoft’s Windows did to Macintosh in the 1990s? This is one theory being thrown around at the moment and while it is certainly interesting, we can’t see it happening any time in the foreseeable future – Apple shifts far to much product to fall into ambiguity (at least for the time being, anyway).


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