This new term is certainly not exclusive to Twitch, however you are quite likely to see it used on the platform. On this page, you can discover exactly what it means.

Twitch is a platform that is capable of causing a lot of confusion to new users due to the amount of slang and generational language that is used on the video streaming service.

While the term we’re going to look at in this article is far from exclusive to Twitch – in fact it’s much more of a Twitter term – it still can sometimes be seen in use in a Twitch chat, so you might be wanting to know what it means.

What Does L+Ratio Mean On Twitch? Are You Being INSULTED?Pin

So, we’re here to explain the term for you, so that you know what people are going on about and can even start using it yourself!

What Does L+Ratio Mean?

Whichever platform you’ve seen it used on, “L+Ratio” means the same thing. The “L” and the “ratio” parts are technically separate but are used together in this phrase.

“L” means “loser” or “bad take”, depending on the situation, and “ratio” means that the person saying it believes their comment will get more likes and/or shares than the comment they are replying to.

It may be a low-effort insult but it is usually used in situations where the comment they are replying to is such a bad take that it’s not worthy of a thoughtful response. Instead, the intention is to prove to somebody that they’re being stupid with how successful the ratio is.

On Twitch in particular, it’s more of just an insult, as there is no way of actually rationing another user. There is no comment liking or sharing system within Twitch chat.

Why Do People Reply To L+Ratio With “L” Or “W”?

After somebody comments L+Ratio in response to somebody else’s comment, you’ll often see other chatters typing L or W to suggest whether they’re in favour of the ratio or against it.

If the general feeling is that the ratio was a W, then the ratio was successful. However, if somebody comments “L” in response to “L+Ratio”, then they believe the ratio was unsuccessful or unwarranted.

“L” = lose and “W” = win.

As mentioned, Amazon’s Twitch isn’t the best platform for using L+Ratio, however, it can still be used in specific scenarios. You’re much more likely to see it used where people can like and share individual comments, though, as physical ratios can take place.

However, next time you’re chatting on Twitch, try putting the phrase into practice and see how you get on. Can you successfully ratio a bad take, or will you be ratioed yourself by a flurry of “Ls”?

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