In this post, you will learn how to take a screenshot on an Android phone – we cover all known methods too, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

You may want to save an image or anything at all from the net while browsing. Or you might want to send instructions of settings on your phone to a friend or family, and you need to capture each stage.

We also have guides on how to take screenshots on iPhone too.

Taking a screenshot on your phone is the easiest way to get around all of the above scenarios, and we are going to teach you various ways that you can explore to screenshot on your Android devices.

How To Take A Screenshot On Android Phone

All Android devices can take screenshots. The process may vary as a result of OS and phone manufacturers. Some methods are general irrespective of the phone brand and manufacturers, and some methods are brand specific.

Method 1: Power Button And Down/Up Volume Button Combination

This method works across any Android phone. To use this method, go to the screen that you wish to screenshot press the power button and the down volume button simultaneously.

If you get it right, your device will make a shutter sound and the page you are on will be screenshotted.

The image you screenshot will be displayed as a notification on your phone and saved to your phone gallery.

In some devices, you hold the power and up volume buttons together simultaneously, it then displays options on the side, tap on the screenshot option, and the page will be screenshotted.

If not properly done, you run the risk of powering off your phone, locking it, or reducing/increasing the volume of your phone ringtone. So, it is important your fingers are on both the power and down volume buttons at the same time and you press them at the same time.

Method 2: Power Button

Here is another method you can explore depending on the OS your phone is running. 

Go to the page you intend to screenshot, press down the power button of your device for a few seconds, and tap on the screenshot tab when it appears.

Method 3: Quick Access Option

This option might be slower than the other two mentioned earlier. It might not be suitable to capture a game or a movie scene that you want to do fast before it goes.

On your phone, drag down the quick access bar on your phone, you should see the screenshot option in the quick access menu. If it is not there, drag it down the second time to access it. After dragging it down and locating the screenshot menu, tap on it to take the screenshot.

The process should start once you are on the desired page you want to screenshot.

Method 4: Three Finger Gesture

This method is very efficient in a situation where you want to capture an image fast, either from an ongoing game movie or a live event that you are streaming on your phone.

To use this, on the page you want to screenshot, swipe three fingers from top to bottom of your screen and the screenshot will be taken.

If this does not happen, you might need to enable the settings on your phone. to enable the settings, follow the steps below

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Scroll to Gesture & Motion and tap on it
  • Tap on Quick Gesture and tap on Swipe With Three Fingers To Take Screenshots

The settings activate your three-finger gesture option and allow you to take screenshots with it.

Method 5: Google Assistant

For a phone that supports the feature of Google Assistant, you can use it for your screenshots. When you are on a page you wish to screenshot, just say “OK Google, take a screenshot” and your screenshot will be taken and saved to your gallery.

Method 6: Quick Access Ball

This is an assistive touch feature that some Android phones have. It floats on your screen and allows you one-touch access to a customized menu. 

Once you can do the settings to include a screenshot tab, you will be able to take screenshots by tapping on the quick-access ball.

To check if your phone has the quickball functionality:

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Type Quick ball in the search tab on the settings page
  • If it brings it out, tap on it and toggle it on to activate it.

After activating the quick ball feature, here is how to add the screenshot menu to it

  • Go to settings and tap on quick ball
  • On the Quick ball page, tap on Select Shortcuts
  • Tap on one of the menus that are there already, and then tap on screenshot to replace it.

After adding a screenshot tab to the menu, whenever you are on a page you want to screenshot, tap on the Quick ball, when it brings out all the options, tap on screenshot and it will take a screenshot of the page instantly.

Method 7: Third-Party Apps

There are various apps on the Google play store that you can download for screenshots. Some are paid while some of them are free.

Screenshot Touch, Assistive Easy Touch, Screen Master, Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta, Screen Capture And Record (SCAR), and Screenshot Capture are examples of third-party screenshot apps available on The Google Play Store for download.

Download any one of them, follow the instructions to install, and use it.

A Final Word…

If you ever find yourself in need to take screenshots on your phone, try out any of the above methods.

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