Want to screenshot a full, long webpage on the iPhone all in one go? It’s possible. Here’s how…

Some of the most frequent “photos” taken with our phones are screenshots. A screenshot is a photograph of what’s on your phone’s display – whether it’s an app, a note, a map, or anything else the display can show. (It should be noted that some apps prevent screenshots of messages from being taken).

Screenshots are terrific tools that can help us in any number of ways – perhaps we want to screenshot a translation we made in a translation app. Or screenshot an achievement we’ve made in a mobile game. Or we might want to screenshot information we find on the web.

On the iPhone, screenshots are saved to the camera roll. As a matter of fact, in the Photos app on iPhone, there is actually a dedicated album for screenshots that you can easily browse to see all the screenshots you’ve taken.

How To Screenshot A Full Webpage On iPhonePin

Screenshotting Long Documents

Again, with the exception of a few messaging and social media apps, if something appears on your screen you can snap a screenshot of it.

But what if the thing you want to screenshot doesn’t fit on your iPhone’s entire screen at once? Say there’s a long webpage you want to save as one screenshot instead of having to take multiple screenshots of its various parts. Or a long document or email?

Thankfully, Apple has built in the ability in iOS for the user to take screenshots of webpage, documents, and emails that exceed the length of the screen – in other words, items that you need to scroll down to view their entirety.

It’s a super-cool feature that means you don’t have to chop up a single document or web page into multiple screenshots. Instead, when you take a screenshot of a long webpage or document, you can capture the whole item and save it as a PDF.

We’ll talk you through how to do this below, but first, let’s address how you take a screenshot depending on which iPhone you have.

How To Take A Screenshot On iPhones With Touch ID & Face ID

The way you take a screenshot on iPhone varies depending on whether your iPhone has Touch ID (such as the iPhone SE) or Face ID (Such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14.

If your iPhone has Touch ID, you take a screenshot this way:

  • Press and release the Home (Touch ID) button and Side button at the same time.

If your iPhone has Face ID, take your screenshot this way:

  • Press and then release the Side button and Volume Up button at the same time.

Once you perform these actions on your applicable iPhone, the screen will flash and your screenshot will be saved to your Photos library.

How To Take A Long Screenshot On iPhone

If you want to screenshot an entire webpage, email, or document and save it as a PDF, you need to go through a few more steps but not many. Here’s how to take a long screenshot on iPhone:

  1. With a webpage selected (or other long document), take a screenshot using the steps above (depending on which kind of iPhone you have).
  2. After the screen flashes, thus taking the screenshot, you’ll notice a small thumbnail of the screenshot appears in the lower corner of the iPhone’s display. Tap on this thumbnail to bring the screenshot up in the screenshot editor.
  3. In the screenshot editor, tap the “Full Page” tab.
  4. You’ll now see various editing and markup options. Perform any editing or markup options that you want on the long screenshot.
  5. When you are finished, tap the Done button.
  6. From the popup menu that appears when you tap the Done button, tap the “Save PDF to Files” command.
  7. Select where in the Files app you want to save the PDF.
  8. Tap the Save button.

Your long screenshot will now be saved to the Files app on your iPhone. You can then retrieve the PDF from there and use it as you wish.

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Frank Dauenhauer
Frank Dauenhauer
1 year ago

You do not mention that this works only with webpages, and then only in Safari.

I want the ability to take full-page screenshots of any page in any app.