How safe is Garmin Pay? It’s a really handy method to pay for goods and services whether you’re out and about or doing your online shopping. Let’s look into it.

Garmin is a well-known name in the health and fitness market; yet, outside of those who actually use the devices, not many people are aware of the several additional features that they provide.

Today, we are going to speak about Garmin Pay, which is a handy method to make purchases in shops and online just by tapping your watch on the reader. This works in a manner that is comparable to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and a variety of other competing systems.

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The most significant benefit of this is that it is of no consequence if, for instance, you forget your wallet after completing a run or a round of golf and then realise that you need to stop at a convenience store to pick up some milk on the way back to your house.

People, however, are often worried about how safe their financial transactions really are, which is a perfectly reasonable worry to have, as is the case with the other brands in the market.

Just how safe is it to use Garmin Pay? What precautions does Garmin take to ensure the privacy of its customers’ financial information and other sensitive data, such as their names and addresses?

What Is Garmin Pay?

With the help of Garmin Pay, you’ll be able to use your Garmin smartwatch to make purchases at certain stores.

Near-field communication (NFC), which is also used by the vast majority of other contactless payment systems, is implemented into the products offered by the firm.

When a card reader at the store shows the contactless symbol, customers may make contactless payments using their smartphones, smartwatches, and authorised debit and credit cards.

To finish a transaction, all you have to do is choose your card on your watch, and then bring your wrist in close proximity to the card reader.

Garmin Pay may be used at any payment terminal that accepts contactless payments or a card reader; however, you cannot add a bank or card unless it is one that is accepted.

However, there are far too many to name in this context, which is proof of how extensively this function is provided across the board.

Is Garmin Pay Safe?

Transactions may be made securely using Garmin Pay. Each time you make a purchase, the payment platform employs device-specific card and transaction codes and numbers. Your information is safe since neither your watch nor Garmin’s servers save your credit card number.

However, your Garmin Wallet will be locked if you unintentionally enter the wrong passcode three times. You’ll need to follow the steps in the Garmin Connect App on your smartphone in order to unlock it.

The wallet will be erased and you will need to create a new wallet if you are still unable to recall your PIN. Even though it can seem like a little annoyance, consider what would happen if someone tried to steal your wallet. This crucial security measure ought to keep your cash safer.

Does Garmin Pay Save Your Bank Details?

Garmin Pay uses a number of different security techniques to keep your card information safe. Whenever you make a purchase, unique card numbers and transaction codes associated with your watch are utilised. This is called tokenisation.

In addition, your credit card number will not be saved on the device or on Garmin’s computers, nor will it be sent to the merchants when you make a purchase using the Garmin Pay feature.

Your virtual wallet will be locked on your smartphone after three unsuccessful tries to enter the password, which is another security measure in case your device is stolen. You may clear the passcode using your mobile device, such as a smartphone.

Does Garmin Pay Have A Contactless Limit?

When it comes to the amount of money that you can spend in a single transaction, the Garmin Pay transaction limitations are the same as the actual card limit that is physically linked to the device.

If you’re attempting to spend $100 or more at the store, you’ll need to enter the PIN you created when pairing your debit card with Garmin Pay. This is the same case as when you try to spend this amount with the physical debit card itself.

The purchase won’t be approved if the contactless terminal doesn’t ask you for your card PIN for security purposes. Current payments or transaction limitations on your physical card are unaffected by this.

How To Set Up Garmin Pay

You just need to launch the Garmin Connect mobile app on your smartphone, tap the Garmin icon, and you will have successfully set up Garmin Pay. When the icon shows at the very top of your smartphone, you will know that the payment system has been successfully set up.

The next step is to add your credit or debit card so that Garmin Pay can process your purchases. Garmin Pay accepts MasterCard and Visa cards.

After selecting the sort of card you want to use, manually enter your card’s details. In addition to that, you will have to provide a security code in the form of a four-digit PIN number.

You will be needed to generate a four-digit pin in order to protect your watch, and you may sometimes be prompted to input it while making certain transactions. This will be done at your discretion.

After the verification and tokenization steps have been completed, the card will be loaded to your wallet automatically.

Tap the Garmin Pay icon located on the top menu bar of your device in order to see your card on the screen of your device. You may indefinitely withdraw or temporarily revoke access to your card using this section of Garmin Pay.

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