Apple’s iOS 18 is just around the corner and while some users won’t be getting Apple Intelligence (as well as several other new updates), there’s still plenty to get excited about when it comes to new abilities and tweaks. 

Most iPhone users have become kind of numb when it comes to new iOS updates; they’re usually pretty boring affairs with little to no exciting new features. 

Apple’s incoming iOS 18, however, is NOT one of these updates. In fact, it is arguably the most exciting iOS update we’ve seen in the past decade. Here’s 10 of its most important and useful new features detailed in full…

iOS 18’s Best New Features (And Why They Do) 

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Apple Intelligence

This AI-powered technology is deeply integrated into iOS 18, combining generative AI with personal context to improve various aspects of the user experience

Smarter Siri

The virtual assistant has been significantly upgraded, offering more natural speech, on-screen awareness, and the ability to connect with ChatGPT for enhanced capabilities

Enhanced customization

Users can now customize their home screen more freely by leaving gaps between apps, changing app icon colors, and personalizing the Control Center

Locked and Hidden Apps

For improved privacy and security, iOS 18 allows users to lock apps behind Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, or hide them completely in a locked folder

Password Manager

A full-fledged password manager app is now built into iOS 18, offering features like filtering, sorting, and end-to-end encryption

AI-Powered Photo Editing

The new Clean Up tool allows users to remove distracting objects from photos, similar to Google’s Magic Eraser

Improved Messages App

New features include scheduling messages, reacting with any emoji, text formatting, and animated text effects

Redesigned Photos App

The app now offers automatic organization into collections, a new carousel view, and improved filtering options

Game Mode

This feature optimizes iPhone performance for gaming, minimizing background activity to sustain high frame rates and reducing audio latency with AirPods

Tap to Cash

A new feature in the Wallet app allows for secure in-person payments without sharing personal information

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