The latest Google Pixel 8 Pro is here. But is the Pixel 8 Pro waterproof? Let’s discuss.


  • Google Pixel 8 Pro is rated IP68 for dust and water resistance. 
  • IP68 means the device is completely protected against dust and has robust water resistance. 
  • Pixel 8 Pro can be submerged under water up to 1.5 meters deep for about 30 minutes. 

You will still want to invest in a quality Pixel 8 case. This will ensure your phone stays in tip-top condition, protect it from bumps and scuffs, and help you get more money for it when the time comes to sell it on.

And if you’re looking to buy one, here’s a quick overview of why the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are worth a buy in 2023.

Pixel 8 Pro is IP68 rated, protecting the device against water and dust. Pixel 8 Pro has water resistance, but it is not completely waterproof. 

So what does the IP68 rating mean, and what does this mean for the water resistance and waterproofing capabilities of Pixel 8 Pro? Let’s talk about it.

What Is IP Rating?

IP rating or Ingress Protection rating is an international standard (IEC 60529) that measures the ability of a device to protect its internals against water, dust, and other foreign objects. 

An IP rating comes with two numbers – one denoting the device’s resistance against solid particles, and the other denotes the device’s resistance against water. The rating for solids can go from a minimum of X to a maximum of 6, while the liquid rating can go from a minimum of X to a maximum of 9K. Let’s check what the Pixel 8 Pro’s IP68 rating means:

  • 6 – The 6 rating for solids means the device is completely protected against dust and other solids, with no dust ingress. 
  • 8 – The 8 rating for water means the device is water resistant in fresh water to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

What Does Pixel 8 Pro’s IP68 Rating Mean In Real World Scenarios?

An IP68 rating is great, but what does that mean in real-world scenarios? Let’s talk about that.

  • Accidental Splashes – Pixel 8 Pro can withstand accidental water splashes. 
  • Rain – Pixel 8 Pro can survive light to medium rain but may not withstand keeping it open in the shower. 
  • Brief Submersion – Pixel 8 Pro can also withstand submerging in water briefly. If you accidentally drop the phone in the pool and take it out promptly, nothing will happen to your phone. But don’t keep it in the pool for long.

Exceeding The IP68 Limits

Even though Pixel 8 Pro’s IP68 rating makes the phone water resistant, it does not mean it is completely waterproof. You must keep these limits in mind.

  • High-pressure Water Jets – Devices with an IP68 rating cannot withstand high-pressure water jets. 
  • Deep Water Activities – Keep your Pixel 8 Pro somewhere at shore when you take yourself to deep water activities such as scuba diving, swimming, etc. 
  • Extended Submersion – Even though the Pixel 8 Pro can survive underwater up to 1.5 meters, the IP68 rating suggests it will only last until 30 minutes. Any extended submersion underwater will rupture the seals, and water will reach the phone’s insides.
  • Exposure To Other Liquids – The IP68 rating is only for fresh water. It doesn’t ensure protection against saltwater, chlorine, or other liquids.
  • Wear And Tear – The IP68 rating doesn’t last forever. The seals and gaskets for water resistance can get wear and tear and degrade over time. The phone’s water resistance can also be damaged if the phone is opened and repaired.

Is The IP68 Rating In Pixel 8 Pro Good?

IP68 rating is as good as it can get for a flagship smartphone. Phones like Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max have the same IP rating. The IP69K rating, the only IP rating above the IP68 rating, is only available in niche rugged phones such as Ulephone Armor 6 and Nokia XR21.

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Final Thoughts

Google Pixel 8 Pro isn’t waterproof; it is water resistant and rated IP68 for that. It doesn’t mean the phone is waterproof; it has its limits. The device can withstand normal and accidental encounters with water but will not withstand submerging underwater for long. 

It’s also worth mentioning that even if the device has an IP68 rating, the company won’t give you support for any water-related issues with the phone. You must repair it for a fee, even if the device is still under warranty. You should be careful with your device, and if you want to submerge or bring it to the ocean or pool, you should get a waterproof case for your phone, such as Calicase or JOTO.

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