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Fortnite NFTs Ain’t Happening Anytime Soon…

If you like Fortnite and NFTs and are holding out to make some dollar from the two things, you might be waiting a while…


How Fortnite Makes Money – And A Lot Of It!

Fortnite: Battle Royale was released over four years ago now and they’re still making billions of dollars in revenue every year - but how?


Does Fortnite Have Bots?

Many games utilise A.I. opposition within online multiplayer lobbies for a variety of reasons - but does Fortnite? Let's take a look...


Do Fortnite Gifts Expire?

Received a gift from the Fortnite item shop but you’re unsure how long you get to keep the item for? Let’s figure it out…


Can Fortnite Run On Mac?

Hoping to run some Fortnite but only have a Mac to play it on? Let’s find out whether you can still get involved or not…


Can Fortnite Be Played Offline?

Fortnite remains amongst the world’s most popular video games with a thriving online community - but can it still be played when there’s no internet access? Let’s find out…


Are Fortnite Skins Cross-Platform?

Planning on switching platforms but concerned your Fortnite skins won’t go with you? Let’s investigate whether Fortnite cosmetics are cross-platform or platform-specific.


Are Fortnite Concerts Live?

Including the likes of Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, Fortnite has had some serious global superstars grace their virtual stage - but are these concerts live? Let’s find out.


Fortnite Update For iOS, Android Adds Controller Support!

Fortnite On iOS And Android Just Got A Whole Lot Better, thanks to added controller support for iOS and Android users


Epic Just Teased Fortnite Season 10 During The World Cup

Looking forward to Fortnite season 10? Well Epic Games just dropped a BIG hint about what it's going to be about, and it's old-school!


Stranger Things Portals Appear In Fortnite Ahead Of Season 3 Launch

The Upside Down is coming to Fortnite ahead of season three of Stranger Things! Are you ready for the next series of the Netflix smash hit?

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