A recent report by ExpressVPN has shed light on the most popular apps of 2024, revealing which ones pose the greatest privacy risks to users.

🚨 Key Takeaways: The Least Privacy-Sensitive Apps of 2024 🚨

  • 🏆 MyFitnessPal takes the crown as the least privacy-sensitive app, with a shocking 34% safety rating! 😱📱
  • 📹 YouTube and TikTok follow closely behind, raising concerns about data collection and sharing with third parties. 🤐🤝
  • 🎮 Roblox may be fun for kids, but its data retention and phone number usage policies are far from playful! 😠📞
  • 🎥 Amazon Prime Video also joins the privacy concern club, with a safety rating of just 43%. 😒🔒
  • 📣 As we rely more on apps, it’s crucial to stay vigilant about privacy risks and demand better from developers! 💪🛡️

According to the study, MyFitnessPal, a popular calorie counter and lifestyle coach app, ranks as the least privacy-sensitive app, scoring a mere 34% in the safety rating. The app collects a wealth of personal information, including email addresses, full names, and birthdays, making it a prime target for hackers.

MyFitnessPal Less Private Than TikTok AND YouTube

Following closely behind MyFitnessPal is YouTube, with a safety rating of 39%. The video-sharing giant faces criticism for its lack of transparency regarding the collection of voice and audio information. Users remain largely unaware of how their data is utilized and shared, particularly with third parties.

Study Methodology

The methodology for ExpressVPN’s “App-roval” report evaluates mobile apps’ security and privacy protection. We selected popular apps from various categories, including social media, entertainment, sports, gaming, food, shopping, and travel. Our assessment criteria included:

  • App/Google store ratings.
  • History of data breaches.
  • Availability and cost of in-app purchases.
  • Security features like encryption, 2FA, and password protection options*.
  • The existence of a privacy policy and the type of user information collected.

Each app was scored out of 10 for each metric. This score was then converted to a percentage to indicate the app’s safety rating. Higher scores indicate better security and privacy protection for users.

TikTok’s Privacy Credentials Are Also Pretty Concerning

TikTok, another video-sharing platform, ranks as the third most concerning app for user data, with an overall rating of 40%. The app has been under scrutiny for its privacy and security practices, notably due to the absence of end-to-end encryption.

TikTok’s policy on sharing user data with third-party entities for marketing purposes lacks transparency, leaving users in the dark about who has access to their information and for what reasons.

Despite its popularity among younger gamers, Roblox also raises concerns about data usage and privacy, earning a safety score of 43%. The app’s handling of user data is particularly troubling, as players are given little information about how long their data is retained.

Roblox’s policy on the use of players’ phone numbers is alarming, as it fails to offer an opt-in choice, denying players the power to decide whether their personal information can be utilized by the platform.

Rounding out the top five is Amazon Prime Video, also with a safety rating of 43%. The streaming service faces similar issues regarding data privacy and transparency.

As we continue to rely on mobile apps for various aspects of our lives, it is crucial to remain aware of the potential privacy risks they pose. The ExpressVPN report serves as a reminder for users to be vigilant about the apps they use and the personal information they share.

App developers and companies must also take responsibility for ensuring the privacy and security of their users’ data, working towards more transparent and user-friendly policies.

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