If you never got round to upgrading to the PS4 but the PS5 looks a bit more tempting, you’ll probably be wanting to know whether or not you can continue playing your PS3 games…

When the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, it was amongst the generation of consoles alongside the Xbox 360 that offered the ability to experience games like Grand Theft Auto IV, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed and many more video game franchises that continue to this day.

Because the titles available were so outstanding, you may have seen no reason to switch to the PlayStation 4 in 2013 while the bulk of new games were still playable on your PS3.

A few years passed, and before you realised it, you’d never upgraded to the PS4, and you decided, “I might as well wait for the PS5 now.”

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The PlayStation 5 came out in November 2020. It’s finally time to upgrade, but with the console itself already being so expensive, backwards compatibility for games would be a huge help getting started on the next-gen console while gradually building up a PS5 game library.

So, can gamers who jumped straight from the PS3 to the PS5 continue to play their games on the new system?

Can I Play PS3 Games On The PS5?

While the PS5 does support backwards compatibility for the PS4, games from previous generations, including the PS3, can not be played on the PlayStation 5 console.

The PS5 is not backwards compatible with PS3 games, however it is backwards compatible with PS4 games, allowing for the play of select remasters on the PS5.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered are two very popular PS4 remakes that will be playable on PS5.

Several of the top PS3 games have been re-released on the PS4, so you’ll be able to play some of your favourites again. PS3 Blu-ray discs and PS3 PS Store purchases, on the other hand, will not be interoperable with the PS5.

This will be the case with any previous generations of PlayStation consoles as well, where the only games from those years that will remain playable are those that were remastered for the PlayStation 4.

What Is Backwards Compatibility?

Backwards compatibility refers to the ability of a modern piece of equipment to execute programmes or peripherals from a prior version or generation in order to preserve posterity.

In the case of gaming, for example, it implies that a newer platform may play games that were originally designed for an older machine. The PlayStation 5 will, like the PlayStation 4, be able to play PlayStation 4 games.

This means that not only will users who have already acquired titles be allowed to enjoy them, but creators will not be obligated to create similar games for the next generation console.

Backwards compatibility will become less of a barrier as an increasing number of games become totally digital, requiring no discs to play. You’ll be able to simply re-download games onto your new console and play these games that have been updated rather than re-released.

A growing number of titles, like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, Brawlhalla, and Apex Legends, are becoming free to download and play, so all you have to do is download and install the game on your new, next-gen system.

Why Is Backwards Compatibility Necessary?

The cost of consoles, their games and peripherals is already high enough. You want to trust that if you invest your hard-earned money on a new console or platform, or even just a game itself, it won’t be outdated in a few years. Backwards compatibility is vital since it ensures you won’t have to throw out your old software or hardware to upgrade to a newer, more expensive device.

Backwards compatibility also helps to maintain the industry’s “antiques.” Sure, titles can be remade or rebuilt, and emulators can be built to accommodate classic games, but nostalgia is lost in the process. I’m not sure I’d go out and buy a Tetris 2021 edition, but I’d love to play the original from 1984.

What Is Forward Compatibility?

The capacity of existing hardware to operate software and peripherals intended for the following generation of technology is referred to as forward compatibility.

Because it permits Xbox Series X titles to operate on the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X’s Smart Delivery feature, for example, is technically forwards compatibility.

However, because forward compatibility is less of a moral concern for purchasers and a significant loss of cash for console and game manufacturers, you won’t see much of it around. When it does occur, it’s more of a commercial for next-gen consoles, with the message “Here’s what you’re losing out on.”

New games are usually designed expressly for new consoles and platforms in order to persuade gamers to buy new consoles in order to play the games.

Where Can I Get A PS5?

Even a year after the PlayStation 5’s debut, some individuals are still unable to obtain one, a problem that has been compounded by the Christmas season.

It’s gotten a bit easier, as long as you’re willing to organise yourself and get up a bit earlier to get one from the usual suspects, such as gaming stores, PC stores, different physical supermarkets, and Amazon.

As you’ll be unable to play your PS3 games on it when it arrives, it may be worth looking for a PlayStation 5 bundle that includes a game or two, as this will be of much better value. You could also look to buy some PS4 games, which will be slightly cheaper than the PS5 ones, but this may not be a wise investment in the long run.