If you require glasses, there are several things to know before buying the Apple Vision Pro headset. 

TL;DR: Can Apple Vision Pro Be Used With Glasses?

  • Short answer: No, you cannot wear glasses while also wearing the Apple Vision Pro. 😎
  • But: if you require prescription or reader glasses, you can still use the Apple Vision Pro. 👓
  • However, it’ll cost you: Because you’ll need to buy additional prescription or reader lens inserts for your Apple Vision Pro. 🥽

We’ve answered whether you need an iPhone to use the Apple Vision Pro, whether the Apple Vision Pro works with Android, and whether the Apple Vision Pro can replace your laptop – but what about if the Apple Vision Pro can be used with glasses?

It’s not a stupid question because more than any other Apple product, the Apple Vision Pro uses your eyes like never before.

That’s because the Apple Vision Pro has sensors that track your eyes. As your eyes look at a digital element displayed above you, like the play button in an Apple Vision Pro movie player app, Apple Vision Pro knows exactly where you are looking and thus knows which button you want to be pressed when you pinch your fingers together.

Because Apple Vision Pro needs to know what your eyes are focusing on, your eyes need to have a sharp focus so it’s easy for the Apple Vision Pro to tell what you are looking at. If things look blurry to you through the Apple Vision Pro, the device’s sensors will have a much harder time trying to determine what you are focusing on.

Here’s what to know about the Apple Vision Pro if you wear glasses.

Can Glasses Be Worn Under The Apple Vision Pro?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t wear a pair of spectacles underneath the Apple Vision Pro. If you try, the unit’s Light Seal may not fit your face snuggly, resulting in light leakage, which could make your Apple Vision Pro experience look faded.

Can People Who Need Glasses Use The Apple Vision Pro?

Yes. You can use contact lenses under your Apple Vision Pro and you should have a great experience using the device. 

However, if you don’t have contact lenses or can’t use them – and thus require a pair of spectacles, you can still use the Apple Vision Pro because Apple makes two different types of lens inserts Apple Vision Pro users can purchase separately that will give them the lenses the need to use the Apple Vision Pro correctly.

These two different lens inserts are the Optical Inserts — Prescription and the Optical Inserts — Readers.

What Are The Optical Inserts — Readers For The Apple Vision Pro?

If you require reading glasses, you can buy Apple’s Optical Inserts — Readers, which are made by ZEISS. Apple says these inserts are designed for people who need over-the-counter reading glasses.

Apple makes the Optical Inserts — Readers lenses in three different strengths:

  • +0.75 to +1.25D 
  • +1.50 to +1.75D
  • +2.00 to +2.75D

You can order the strength you need for each eye. What’s cool is that these lens inserts attach magnetically inside the Apple Vision Pro headset, so the fit the device perfectly.

However, the drawback is that these lenses cost an additional $99 on top of the $3499 price of the Apple Vision Pro.

What Are The Optical Prescription — Readers For The Apple Vision Pro?

If you wear prescription lenses, Apple has you covered, too. Apple offers the Optical Inserts — Prescription lenses for the Apple Vision Pro made by ZEISS. These lenses are for people who have customer prescription glasses.

If you need the Optical Inserts — Prescription lenses for your Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need to upload your eyeglass prescription from your doctor, and ZEISS will make you the lenses that match your eyes.

Just like the Optical Inserts — Readers, the Optical Inserts — Prescription attach magnetically inside the Apple Vision Pro so they’ll attach perfectly in the headset without any trouble.

However, know that the Optical Inserts — Prescription lenses are the most expensive ones. They’ll cost you an additional $149.

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