Samsung’s Galaxy Buds (2019) vs Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds (2019)

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 05/26/20 •  4 min read

You can’t walk down the street without seeing someone (maybe everyone) with wireless earbuds in their ears. They are, without a doubt, the hottest tech accessory of the past several years. And then earn their popularity–after all, cords suck.

Quick Overview:

But everyone from Apple to Samsung now offers its own wireless earbuds. In this VS we’re looking at how the ones from Samsung and Microsoft stack up against each other. These are the Galaxy Buds and Surface Earbuds, respectively.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds (2019) vs Microsoft's Surface Earbuds (2019)
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Winner? Surface Earbuds – Their flat coin-like design is unique among wireless earbuds.

Audio & Connectivity

Winner? Draw – Neither have outstanding audio features like active noise cancelation (ala Apple’s AirPods Pro).

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Surface Earbuds 1
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Battery & Charging

Winner? Surface Earbuds – 8 hours of usage on a single charge is pretty impressive.

Voice Assistant

Winner? Surface Earbuds – The app-specific voice assistant features of the Earbuds outweigh Bixby.


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Yeeesh. This is a tough choice. Not because either of these buds are among the best (Apple’s AirPods Pro are), but because their features and cost are all over the map.

At $129, Samsung’s Galaxy Earbuds are a decent choice, mainly because they are some of the cheapest brand-name wireless earbuds available. However, due to their low cost, you don’t get advanced features like active noise cancelation. That being said, then do include a wireless charging case in that cost. All in all, they’re probably a good solution if you own a Samsung smartphone.

At $199, you’d think the Microsoft Surface Earbuds would have crazy better features. However, at that price they don’t even include a wireless charging case. They also don’t include any kind of active noise cancelation. Are the worth paying $70 more than the Galaxy Earbuds? Probably not. However, if you’re a big Surface fan, they might be right for you.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds (2019) vs Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds (2019): Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy Buds
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Here are the specs for the Galaxy Buds:

And here are the specs for the Surface Earbuds:

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Samsung's Galaxy Buds (2019) vs Microsoft's Surface Earbuds (2019)
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