Google Glass Review: Heads-On With Google's Head Gear

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We've had a go with Google's smart spectacles. What do we make of it so far? Read on to find out

The Very Best Chromecast Apps 2014

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Chromecast has a lot of different apps on offer, here are some of the essential ones you need

Google Chromecast Review: An Apple TV Killer?

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Google’s tiny video streamer brings Netflix, YouTube and more to your living room – but is it too limited?

Browser Streaming Is Dying, Connected Device Streaming Wins

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Research has found connected device streaming is taking over from browser based streaming

Nexus 5

Could Motorola Build The Nexus 6? Details Of "Shamu" Surface

News 10:47, 30 Jul 2014

The Nexus 6 is happening, and history tells us it will likely launch in Q4 alongside Android L. Here's everything we currently know

Android TV Units Ship To Netflix, Hulu & Android Developers

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Chromecast was just the beginning! Android TV is here – and it could change everything

Google Drive vs Apple's iWorks: Best iPad Productivity App?

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Which is the best suite of apps for getting work done on the iPad: iWorks or Google Drive?

Do Mobile Phones Affect Your Mood And Behaviour?

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Is the way you use your mobile phone and social media changing your behaviour? We asked a Psycholgist

Motorola Making Nexus 6 Phablet?

News 17:45, 28 Jul 2014

LG is apparently out of the running and over the weekend Motorola has been named as potential Nexus 6 OEM

Chromecast Gets Free Google Play Music All Access

News 14:15, 28 Jul 2014

Chromecast is now a year old and its celebrating with three month's worth of Google Play Music All Access

Galaxy S 3 vs Nexus 4

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 4

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Can you save money by opting for older tech? We take a look at the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 in order to find out

HTC One M8 Review

Reviews 11:03, 25 Jul 2014

After being the most leaked handset in history, the HTC One M8 is finally here! So was it worth the wait?

EE Contactless Payment Will Work On London Underground

News 11:01, 25 Jul 2014

EE introduces Cash On Tap for contactless mobile payments - and it works with the London transport network!

Google Play Gets A Semi Android L “Material Design” Makeover

News 14:53, 24 Jul 2014

Google's new look Android UI hits Google Play already

What Is The Internet of Things (IOT)

Blogs 15:44, 23 Jul 2014

The Internet of Things. Yep – it's happening. Google's in, and so is Apple. Here's a breakdown of what it means for you

Nvidia Shield Tablet UK Release Date & Price Confirmed

News 15:18, 22 Jul 2014

Nvidia unveils Shield Tablet with Tegra K1 processor - arrives August

Android L Features, Design & Updates Detailed In Full

News 12:53, 22 Jul 2014

The next big update to Android is here, and it's called Android L

LG G3 S Coming To UK, LG G3 LTE-A Is Not

News 12:14, 22 Jul 2014

LG has announced the G3 S will be coming to the UK but sadly the LTE-A version will not

LG G3 “Prime” Release Date 25 July

News 15:04, 21 Jul 2014

The LG G3 is here but it looks like LG has something BIGGER up its sleeve. Ladies and gents, meet the LG G3 Prime with Snapdragon 805

Motorola Moto G2 Spotted

News 11:17, 21 Jul 2014

Motorola seems to be working on a successor to the popular Moto G budget Android model