HTC is Building Two Nexus 2016 Phones: Marlin & Sailfish

Rumours 12:12, 28 Jul 2016

Will HTC produce both Nexus 2016 smartphones? Rumours suggest maybe

What The HTC 10 Tells Us About Google’s Nexus 2016 Phone

News 13:12, 27 Jul 2016

How will the HTC 10 influence this year’s Nexus phones?

Five Reasons I’m Holding Out For Google’s Nexus Phone 2016

Features 10:44, 26 Jul 2016

Google’s Nexus 2016 phones are just around the corner and I CANNOT bloody wait!

Nokia C1 Leaks Running ANDROID & Windows 10

News 10:55, 20 Jul 2016

Nokia's return to the mobile space is happening end of 2016 with the leaked Nokia C1

Chromecast 2 vs Roku Streaming Stick: Best Media Streamer?

Vs 11:49, 19 Jul 2016

The battle of the minuscule media players! Chromevast 2 takes on the new Roku Streaming Stick -- but which is BEST?

8 Reasons You NEED A Chromebook In Your Life

Features 11:26, 19 Jul 2016

Google's Chromebook Pixel is AMAZING. But there are plenty of cheaper options that get you access to the awesome ChromeOS

Non-Nexus Google Smartphone Coming This Year

News 12:16, 11 Jul 2016

A Google-built smartphone will be launched in 2016, but it won't have the Nexus branding

List of EVERY Single Google Now Voice Command Hits The Web

News 12:38, 30 Jun 2016

A new website has listed every Google Now voice command in one place!

Five Points On The Wileyfox Spark Series

Bests 14:12, 29 Jun 2016

Wileyfox has come straight outta left field to offer affordable Cyanogen OS powered phones

Proprietary Modular Smartphones Won't Take Off

Blogs 12:47, 28 Jun 2016

We're seeing the rise of modular Android phones, but here's why none of them will succeed...

Google Reveals When Nexus Devices Will Reach "End Of Life"

News 08:34, 23 Jun 2016

Google has published a list showing when Nexus handsets will no longer be supported with Android updates

Google Daydream: VR For Android N Phones is HERE

News 08:04, 23 Jun 2016

Meet Daydream, Google’s solution for VR in Android

Google Play Arriving On Chromebooks This Summer

News 13:29, 22 Jun 2016

Google is giving Chromebooks access to the full Android apps catalogue

Google’s Nexus 2016 Phones: Improving The Nexus 6

Features 09:35, 21 Jun 2016

What does Android N, the Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10 tell us about the upcoming Nexus 2016 line of phones?

Huawei RETURNING For Nexus Phone In 2016, Says Company Exec

News 12:14, 7 Jun 2016

Huawei is definitely making a new Nexus for 2016 according to one executive

Looking Back At Google's Nexus 6

Blogs 10:43, 3 Jun 2016

Damien McFerran defends Google's often slated Nexus 6

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: AI is Coming To Your Home

Vs 15:43, 27 May 2016

The battle for home assistants heats up! Can Google take down Amazon?

Google Home: Like Amazon Echo, Just WAY More HAL 9000

News 10:21, 26 May 2016

Google Home takes the fight directly to Amazon’s Echo. Are you ready to meet your future digital butler?

Project Abacus Will KILL Need For Passwords In Android

News 16:15, 25 May 2016

Google's Project ABACUS wants passwords dead and gone inside Android platform by the end of 2016

Google Ara: In 2017 Smartphones WILL Go Modular

News 13:58, 23 May 2016

Google's Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could re-define the market