When Black Friday rolls around, there will be a slew of awesome VPN Black Friday deals. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for and which to go for this year…

With a VPN, you can unblock Netflix and Disney+ in other regions, watch BBC iPlayer in any country, and ensure you’re protected when accessing the internet via public WiFi networks like at airports and coffee shops. For many, a VPN is an essential tool.

Free VPNs, for obvious reasons, are to ALWAYS be avoided. They don’t protect your data, they log your activity, and in some cases, they sell your data to advertisers for money which is obviously no Bueno. So-called “premium VPNs” aren’t expensive anyway, so there really is no reason to use a free VPN.

Best VPN Black Friday Deals

When it comes to Black Friday deals, all of the biggest and best VPNs get involved. You can expect massive deals and savings from NordVPN, PureVPN, vpn-2/” linkid=”141609″>IVACY VPN, ExpressVPN, and SurfShark to name just a few. But as you might already know, plenty of these VPNs run deals all year round.

PureVPN Black Friday Deals

For instance, PureVPN is currently running a 74% discount on subscriptions, where you pick up a 24-month package for just $2.91 a moment. Or, if you don’t want 24 months, you can go with a 12-month plan for $3.74 per month. All plans include a 31-day money-back guarantee too, so if you don’t like it you can easily get a refund.

PureVPN – Save 74%

74% Discount on 24 Month Packages & 44% Discount on 12 Month Packages

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals

If you want a truly rapid VPN, ExpressVPN is one of the most secure and fastest VPNs on the market. And right now, you can get a 49% discount on ExpressVPN’s 15-month package. It usually costs $9.71 per month but you can now get it for $5 per month, plus two months absolutely free.

Again, ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. ExpressVPN is completely no-logs too, meaning none of your activity is tracked or monitored. This makes it a great choice for torrenting and P2P file sharing sites.

NordVPN Black Friday Deals

NordVPN is often and rightly considered one of the best VPNs on the market. It has tons of servers all over the world, it is completely no-logs, and it is very, very fast. If you value the best possible security, NordVPN is up there with the best of them in 2021.

And right now, NordVPN is running a massive 72% discount on its two-year plans. You also get three months for free too. All in, you’ll pay just £2.44 per month for access to NordVPN’s outstanding platform. NordVPN is perfect for accessing other regional versions of platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Disney+.

IVACY VPN Black Friday Deals

IVACY VPN isn’t quite as well known as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but like PureVPN it is incredibly aggressive with its pricing. IVACY VPN also has exceptional speed performance and brilliant, military-grade security and encryption features. It is also completely no-logs and has a kill-switch feature too. Two things you’ll definitely want to have at your disposal.

At the moment, IVACY VPN is running a killer sale: you can pick up a 2-year plan with it for just $2.25 per month. This includes 2TB of encrypted Cloudstorage for absolutely free too. IVACY VPN can and will unblock BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu as well as 16 major Netflix regions including The USA, France, Japan, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. It even has dedicated supports for Kodi built-in as well.

SurfShark VPN Black Friday Deals

SurfShark VPN is a premium-tier service that provides excellent speeds and uptime. As well as being completely no-logs, SurfShark VPN is ideal for browsing the web anonymously, protecting your online identity and data at all times, and even has a built-in virus and malware scanner. SurfShark VPN will also unblock most web services and allow you to get around internet restrictions at work, college, or in school.

SurfShark VPN is also running on the best deals right now too. You can pick up a 24-month package with a massive 80% discount attached. SurfShark VPN’s usual fee is $8.99 per month. But you can now pick it up for just $1.80 per month. Alternatively, you can save 40% on 6-month plans too, if you don’t want to commit to two years.

Which Is The Best Deal?

Best VPN Black Friday DealsPin

The best deal on offer isn’t always the best option. If you want the best possible VPN provider, one that will let you access things like Netflix and Disney+ in different regions, as well as provide market-leading security and protection, my advice would be to go with PureVPN – it’s what I use and all I have used for the past 12 months.

PureVPN – Save 74%

74% Discount on 24 Month Packages & 44% Discount on 12 Month Packages

I do really like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, both are great options with excellent speed and security. But PureVPN is just as good and is cheaper to run while providing exactly the same, and in some cases, better, functionality. And with a 74% discount on plans right now, it is well worth the small investment. I got my subscription during Black Friday 2020 and I use it nearly every day for a variety of things.