What are Google Drive add-ons? How do you install them? What are the best / most popular Google Drive Add-Ons to try? All of this and more is covered below…

Google Drive is a powerful, versatile tool that can elevate your productivity levels, be it personal, academic, or professional. But did you know that Google Drive’s capabilities can be further expanded using various add-ons?

That’s what this guide is all about. Let’s delve deeper into the world of popular Google Drive add-ons, understand what they are, how to access them, why they are beneficial, and get a detailed overview of some of the most popular ones.

What are Google Drive Add-Ons?

Google Drive Add-Ons are essentially extensions or plugins designed to provide additional features and capabilities to the native Google Drive applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. They serve as productivity enhancers, enabling you to perform tasks more efficiently, seamlessly integrating with the applications, and allowing for an enhanced user experience.

From grammar checkers to project management tools, from electronic signature platforms to email automation tools, Google Drive add-ons bring an array of functionalities right within your Google Drive ecosystem. And the worst part of all this? Most users have no idea they exist, so right now potentially millions of people are missing out on LOADS of additional capabilities and functionality inside their Google Drive.

Let’s fix this…

Why are Google Drive Add-Ons Useful?

Google Drive Add-Ons offer several benefits:

  • They help you perform tasks more efficiently by adding functionalities that may not be available in the native apps.
  • They can tailor your Google Drive applications to better suit your specific needs, thereby boosting productivity.
  • They allow for seamless integration with third-party applications, making data import and export a breeze.
  • They offer customizability and flexibility, with a plethora of add-ons to choose from based on your requirements.

How to Access Google Drive Add-Ons?

Google Drive Add-Ons can be accessed and installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can visit this platform directly from any Google Drive app by clicking on ‘Add-ons’ in the toolbar and then ‘Get add-ons‘, or by visiting its standalone website. You can search for specific add-ons or explore categories to find the ones that best fit your needs.

Once you find an add-on you’d like to use, click on it, and then click ‘Install’. Accept any permissions it requires, and the add-on will be integrated into your Google Drive apps.

Let’s dive into some popular Google Drive add-ons and what they do:

  1. DocuSign eSignature for Google Workspace: This add-on allows you to prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements right from Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive. It’s a powerful tool for businesses that need to handle a lot of agreements and contracts.
  2. Grammarly: Known for its grammar and spelling checking capabilities, Grammarly’s add-on for Google Docs scans your text for grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling errors. It also provides stylistic suggestions to improve your writing.
  3. Lucidchart Diagrams: Lucidchart Diagrams helps you create visually appealing diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps within your documents, making it easier to create visual aids for presentations, reports, or brainstorming sessions.
  4. Smartsheet: Smartsheet offers project management capabilities within Google Drive. You can manage tasks, create Gantt charts, and track project progress directly in Google Sheets, making project management more streamlined.
  5. HelloSign: Like DocuSign, HelloSign also facilitates electronic signing of documents within Google Docs. You can also send requests for e-signatures to others.
  6. Zapier: A powerful automation tool, Zapier allows you to automate tasks between different online apps. For example, with the Zapier add-on, you can automate saving Gmail attachments to Drive or creating documents from form entries.
  7. PandaDoc: PandaDoc helps you create, send, and track documents directly from Google Drive. It is useful for handling proposals, quotes, and contracts.
  8. Mail Merge with Attachments: This handy tool enables you to send personalized emails with attachments to multiple recipients directly from a Google Sheet, making it a great tool for mass communication like marketing and outreach.
  9. Awesome Table: This add-on allows you to create visually appealing tables and charts in Google Sheets that can be easily published online. A great tool for data visualization.
  10. Slido for Slides: Slido brings interactivity to your presentations by allowing you to engage your audience with live polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions during your Google Slides presentations.

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