The Samsung Galaxy S25 series will get a release date in Q1 2025, here’s everything you need to know – rumored specs, updates, pricing and more… 

After Christmas and New Year’s, and Apple’s traditional iPhone launch, all eyes move to Samsung for the debut if its new Galaxy S phones. This year it’ll be the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S25 series which, like the S24 series, will be made up of three models: S25, S25+ and the S25 Ultra

We’ll get an S25 FE model, of course, but that won’t launch until much later on in 2025. Despite the phones being six months away, there are already plenty of leaks and speculation about the new Galaxy S phones – some of it good, some of it not so good. 

Stick around until the end because we’ll be diving into Samsung’s current SoC woes, alleged updates to the Galaxy S25’s camera modules, potential new pricing strategies, and a whole lot more besides… 

Release Date and Pricing

Expected Launch Window

Based on Samsung’s historical release patterns, the Galaxy S25 series is likely to be announced in January or February 2025. The exact date remains unconfirmed, but it’s expected to follow closely behind the Galaxy S24’s January 17, 2024 announcement.

Potential Price Points

While official pricing is yet to be announced, industry analysts are speculating on potential increases:

  • Base Galaxy S25: Possibly higher than the S24’s $799 starting price
  • Galaxy S25 Plus: May exceed the S24 Plus’s $999 entry point
  • Galaxy S25 Ultra: Could surpass the S24 Ultra’s $1,299 baseline

These potential price hikes are attributed to the anticipated use of more expensive components, particularly the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset.

Reports suggest Samsung is now actively looking at ways to counter this either through a new partnership with MediaTek or by an increased reliance on its own Exynos 2500 SoC. 

This aspect of the phones’ development is currently the messiest (and potentially disastrous) problem Samsung has at the moment because whatever happens, its engineers will have a hell of a job optimizing all of the models for potentially three different SoCs

Design and Display Specifications

Galaxy S24 Ultra AlternativesPin

Display Sizes

Leaked information suggests a slight increase in screen size for the base model:

  • Galaxy S25: 6.36 inches (up from S24’s 6.2 inches)
  • Galaxy S25 Plus and Ultra: Sizes currently unconfirmed

Build Materials

The Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus are expected to retain the armor aluminum frame of their predecessors. The S25 Ultra is likely to continue using a titanium frame, distinguishing it from the other models.

Performance Enhancements

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The Galaxy S25 series is rumored to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset, with reports suggesting:

  • Clock speeds potentially reaching 4GHz or 4.26GHz
  • Use of a 3-nanometer manufacturing process for improved efficiency

However, due to price increases for the SD 8 GEN 4, Samsung is said to be actively exploring “other options” from its in-house Exynos 2500 platform to MediaTek Dimensity SoCs.

Storage Technology

The S25 Ultra may incorporate UFS 4.1 storage, a minor upgrade from the UFS 4.0 used in most S24 models.

Camera System Updates

Galaxy S25 Ultra Camera Improvements

Rumors indicate significant upgrades for the Ultra model:

  • Upgraded main camera (specific megapixel count unconfirmed)
  • 50MP ultra-wide angle camera (up from 12MP in the S24 Ultra)
  • New telephoto camera with “variable capabilities”

Base and Plus Models

Information on camera upgrades for the S25 and S25 Plus is limited, with one report suggesting a switch to Sony sensors from the previous ISOCELL sensors.

Battery and Charging Capabilities

Battery Capacity

  • Galaxy S25 Ultra: Expected to retain the 5,000 mAh capacity
  • Base and Plus models: Capacities not yet leaked

Charging Speeds

Current S24 models offer:

  • 25W wired charging for the base model
  • 45W for Plus and Ultra variants

Industry observers note that competing devices offer faster charging, suggesting Samsung may need to improve in this area to remain competitive.

Galaxy AI Features

Which Samsung Phones Will Get Galaxy AI The S22 Series Isn't...Pin

Following the introduction of AI features in the S24 series, Samsung is expected to expand its AI capabilities in the S25 lineup. However, specific new features have not yet been leaked or announced.

Wrapping Up…

All told, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S25 is shaping up to be something of an incremental update. Samsung’s current SoC woes, whereby it has potentially three chipsets in the mix, are one of the biggest hurdles the company has to overcome between now and the phones’ release. 

The AI features, despite Big Tech’s push for adoption of the technology, isn’t something that, for most users, will force and upgrade one way or another. Plus, plenty of Samsung’s Galaxy AI features are now trickling down to older models. 

The biggest areas where Samsung could win over some potential, floating voters would be through a combination of improvements to its camera tech, aggressive pricing, and significant improvements in battery life and overall performance. But given the current issues Samsung is facing with its chipsets, this could be trickier than usual. 

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