When it comes to choosing the right cell phone plan, it can be difficult to navigate the many options available. Two popular choices are Tello and Boost Mobile. Both are mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), which means they use the networks of larger carriers to provide service at a lower cost.

But which is best? Are MVNO networks reliable? What about things you need to keep in mind? All of these questions – and a bunch more – will be covered below.

What We’ll Cover In This Comparison:

  • When comparing Tello and Boost Mobile, it’s important to consider factors such as coverage, customer service, and additional features.
  • Both companies use the networks of larger carriers (Tello uses T-Mobile and Boost Mobile uses AT&T), so coverage is decent but will vary depending on which one you go with (more on that inside the coverage section).
  • Customer service is another important factor to consider, as you want to be able to quickly and easily get help if you have any issues with your service.
  • Finally, additional features such as international calling or mobile hotspot may be important to some customers.
  • Once we’ve assessed all of these things, we can start making some conclusions.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Comparing Plans and Pricing

Available Plans and Data Options

FeatureTello MobileBoost Mobile
NetworkT-MobileAT&T (Boost Infinite)
PlansCustomizable (mix data, minutes, texts)Limited & Unlimited
Cost (Limited Data)$5/month (no data, unlimited talk & text)$10/month (1GB data, unlimited talk & text)
Cost (Unlimited Data)$25/month (35GB high-speed data)$25/month (30GB high-speed data)
FlexibilityHighly customizable – choose desired amount of data, minutes, and textsLess flexible – pre-defined plans only
Additional FeaturesMobile hotspot, international calling, Wi-Fi CallingMobile hotspot, international calling, data roaming (Boost Infinite only)
Customer ServiceOnline support, email, community forum, phone support, live chatOnline support, live chat, phone support

Analysis: Which Is Best For You?

Tello Mobile

  1. Customization: Tello stands out with its highly customizable plans. This is ideal for users who know exactly what they need in terms of data, minutes, and texts and prefer to tailor their plan accordingly. It’s particularly beneficial for those who either use their phones minimally or have very specific usage patterns.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness for Light Users: With plans starting at $5/month for unlimited talk and text with no data, Tello is a more budget-friendly option for users who rely primarily on Wi-Fi or use their phone sparingly for data.
  3. Higher Data Cap on Unlimited Plans: Tello offers 35GB of high-speed data for $25/month, which is slightly more than what Boost offers at the same price point. This makes Tello a better choice for heavy data users.
  4. Additional Features: Features like mobile hotspot and international calling add value, especially for users who travel or need to connect multiple devices on the go.
  5. Customer Service: Tello’s customer service includes online support, email, phone support, live chat and a community forum, which might appeal to users who prefer online self-service options.

Boost Mobile

  1. Network Coverage: Operating on AT&T’s network (Boost Infinite), Boost Mobile might offer better coverage or performance in certain areas, depending on AT&T’s network strength there.
  2. Simplicity in Plans: Boost Mobile’s plans are less customizable but offer straightforward options for users who prefer simplicity or don’t want to spend time customizing a plan.
  3. Moderate Data Plans: The starting plan at $10/month with 1GB of data caters well to moderate users who need a balance of data and affordability.
  4. Data Roaming: The inclusion of data roaming (specific to Boost Infinite) can be a significant advantage for users who travel frequently within the country.
  5. Customer Support Accessibility: The availability of live chat and phone support might be more appealing to users who prefer direct interaction for resolving their queries or issues.


  • For Light and Budget-Conscious Users: Tello Mobile is more suited for those who want to customize their plans according to their specific usage patterns, offering a more cost-effective solution for minimal usage.
  • For Moderate Users and Travelers: Boost Mobile is a better fit for moderate data users and people who travel frequently within the country, needing reliable coverage and straightforward plan options.

Tello and Boost Mobile offer a range of data plans to suit different needs and budgets. Tello offers a range of plans starting from $9 a month for 1GB of data up to $25 a month for unlimited data.

Boost Mobile, on the other hand, offers a range of plans starting from $10 a month for 1GB of data up to $60 a month for unlimited data.

Both carriers offer a variety of data options, with Boost Mobile offering plans with 25GB and 35GB of high-speed data. Tello, on the other hand, allows users to build their own plan, allowing them to choose the exact amount of data they need.

Cost Savings and Discounts

Tello vs Boost Mobile: Which One is the Better Choice for You?Pin

Tello and Boost Mobile both offer affordable cell phone plans, with Tello being the cheaper option. Tello’s plans start at $5 a month, making it a great low-cost alternative for those on a budget.

Boost Mobile’s cheapest plan starts at $10 a month for 1GB of data.

Tello offers month-to-month plans with no contracts & full flexibility to change your plan whenever you like it). Boost Mobile offers multi-line discounts, allowing users to save money when adding additional lines to their account.

When it comes to annual savings, Tello is the clear winner. With Tello’s cheapest plan costing only $5 a month, users can save up to $540 a year compared to Boost Mobile’s cheapest plan, which costs $120 a year.

Boost Mobile offers more high-speed data options (via its Boost Infinite service), while Tello offers a wider range of customizable plans and greater cost savings.

Network Coverage and Features

Tello vs Boost Mobile: Which One is the Better Choice for You?Pin

When it comes to network coverage and reliability, both Tello and Boost Mobile offer solid options. Tello operates as an MVNO on the T-Mobile network, while Boost Mobile operates on AT&T.

AT&T vs. T-Mobile US Coverage: Who’s Winning The Coverage Game?

When it comes to picking your mobile carrier, it’s like choosing your favorite burger joint – what matters most is what’s on the inside. In the world of mobile carriers, that means coverage. And in the heavyweight match of AT&T vs. T-Mobile, it’s all about who covers the most ground and where. Let’s dive in.

The 4G LTE Showdown

  • AT&T is strutting its stuff with coverage for about 68% of the US folks. If 4G LTE were a rock band, AT&T would be its lead guitarist, especially out in the countryside. They’re the go-to for those who need reliable connections outside city limits.
  • T-Mobile isn’t far behind, blanketing around 60% of the population. It’s like the cool indie band that’s big in the cities but hasn’t quite made it to the rural billboard charts yet. If you’re a city dweller or a suburb hopper, T-Mobile’s got your back.

The 5G Face-Off

  • T-Mobile switches gears and takes the lead in the 5G race, covering around 53% of Americans. It’s like they’ve got a turbocharged engine for the future of mobile connectivity. Think faster speeds, the kind that make streaming and gaming smoother than your morning latte.
  • AT&T is playing catch-up in 5G, covering around 29% of the population. They’re more like the steady marathon runner than the sprinter, but they’re still a force to reckon with in major cities and highways.

Of course, both Boost Mobile and Tello are MVNOs, so you will experience data deprioritization during busy times and when the network is congested. 

What this means in simple terms is that users on AT&T and T-Mobile, that pay more for their plans, will get priority over anyone on an MVNO like Boost or Tello. 

Is this a dealbreaker? I’d argue no, not unless you spend a good deal of time in busy cities, commuting to and from work, and you want not only unlimited data, but also higher data caps before network throttling kicks in. 

On most MVNO plans, even with unlimited, your data speeds will be throttled once you get above 25GB or 35 GB of data used per month. 

Additional Benefits and Services

Tello vs Boost Mobile: Which One is the Better Choice for You?Pin

When it comes to additional benefits and services, both Tello and Boost Mobile offer a range of options. Tello offers a range of flexible plans that allow customers to choose the amount of data, minutes, and texting they need.

Additionally, Tello offers unlimited talk and text on all of its plans. And they offer free calls to more than 60+ international countries.

Boost Mobile, on the other hand, offers two unlimited plans that come with unlimited talk and text, as well as mobile hotspot data. Boost Mobile offers international calling as well as Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE.

Overall, both Tello and Boost Mobile offer solid network coverage and a range of additional benefits and services. But I really like the ability to build my own plan, based on my exact needs that Tello Mobile offers – this is a huge USP for Tello and it is something I wish more carriers did.

If you want to reduce your monthly phone bills, switching to Tello – or even having a look at its plans – could be a great move for your wallet. So long as you understand the differences between using an main carrier and an MVNO, as well as the downsides and caveats, it could be a great fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences in plans and pricing between Tello and Boost Mobile?

Tello offers a variety of plans, including data plans, starting at $9 per month for 1GB of high-speed data and up to $25 per month for the Unlimited Data Plan. Boost Mobile, on the other hand, offers three unlimited data plans starting at $50 per month. Overall, Tello’s plans tend to be more affordable and flexible, while Boost Mobile’s plans offer more data for heavy users.

Can users expect different internet speeds when using Tello versus Boost Mobile?

Both Tello and Boost Mobile offer high-speed internet, but the speeds may vary depending on the user’s location and network congestion.

What are the customer service experiences like for Tello and Boost Mobile?

Tello has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, with prompt and helpful responses to customer inquiries. Boost Mobile’s customer service is generally considered to be average, with some customers reporting long wait times and unhelpful representatives.

How do the additional features and benefits offered by Tello compare to those provided by Boost Mobile?

Tello offers several additional features and benefits, including international calling options, mobile hotspot capabilities, and the ability to customize plans based on individual needs. Boost Mobile offers some additional features, such as mobile hotspot capabilities and unlimited music streaming, but it may not be as flexible or customizable as Tello.

Are there any notable differences in the international calling options between Tello and Boost Mobile?

Tello offers international calling options to over 60 countries, with rates as low as 1 cent per minute. Boost Mobile also offers international calling options, but the rates and countries may be more limited. Overall, Tello may be a better option for users who frequently make international calls.

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