The first batch of Apple Vision Pro reviews are… here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s first-ever mixed-reality headset

Apple Vision Pro Reviews: KEY TAKEAWAYS

  • Eye Tracking: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) was particularly impressed with the headset’s eye tracking, describing it as “sick” and “unbelievable”.
  • Interface: Both Mrwhosetheboss and Lance Ulanoff from TechRadar praised the super-intuitive interface of the device.
  • Visual Experience: The high-resolution display and impressive pass-through were highlighted by multiple reviewers, including Nilay Patel from The Verge and Lance Ulanoff.
  • Potential Concerns: Mrwhosetheboss raised concerns about the device’s potential to disrupt shared experiences, while Mark Spoonauer from Tom’s Guide noted the lack of a “wow” factor to justify the price.
  • Battery Life: The short battery life and the need for an external battery were seen as drawbacks by Mark Spoonauer.
  • Price: The high price tag of the Apple Vision Pro was a common concern among the reviewers, with Lance Ulanoff and Mark Spoonauer both noting it as a significant downside.
  • Purpose: Nilay Patel questioned the device’s purpose, suggesting that despite its impressive tech, it didn’t offer a more compelling mixed-reality experience than what’s already available.
  • Digital Personas and EyeSight: Both features were seen as unsettling or creepy by several reviewers, including Marques Brownlee and Mark Spoonauer.

Fasten your seatbelts, the Apple Vision Pro has just landed. This mixed reality headset comes with a price tag that might make you think you’re shopping for a gently used minivan, not a piece of tech – the Vision Pro will cost $3499.99 when it comes out. 

Reading between the lines of Apple’s keynote, it seems like the company is attempting to position the Apple Vision Pro as the future of computing, something that will, one day, replace your iPhone and your MacBook.

Now, you might be thinking, “Haven’t we seen this movie before?” Microsoft’s HoloLens, Facebook’s Oculus – weren’t they supposed to be the next big thing? And didn’t they flop harder than a fish out of water? On top of this, it’d also be fair to fair to say that the whole MetaVerse / mixed-reality concept, along with AR and VR, are about as mainstream as fish stick-flavoured gelato. 

Apple has a knack for making the impossible possible. It’s turned industries that have been around for decades on their heads, with game-changers like the AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch. But with the Apple Vision Pro, has Apple finally disappeared up its own backside and bitten off more than it can chew? 

Let’s take a look at the initial reviews of the Apple Vision Pro and find out…

Apple Vision Pro Reviews


First off, we have Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, who was all but spellbound by the headset’s eye tracking. He described it as “sick” (in a good way, of course), and was equally impressed by the pass-through, which he dubbed the best he’s ever seen. However, he wasn’t too keen on the Digital Personas feature, which he found a bit eerie. Despite a few hiccups, he was overall quite impressed, even suggesting he’d happily shell out to watch an NBA game through the headset.


Next up, Mrwhosetheboss, real name Arun Maini, had a more philosophical take. He praised the intuitive interface but also raised concerns about the device’s potential impact on shared experiences. He’s excited about the new era of tech, but also a bit apprehensive about the implications.

Tech Radar

TechRadar’s Lance Ulanoff was largely positive, calling the Vision Pro the “real future of virtual and augmented reality”. He praised its intuitive interface and visual experience, but wasn’t a fan of the EyeSight display and the hefty price tag, especially for glasses wearers who need to buy additional lens inserts.

The Verge

Nilay Patel from The Verge was more focused on the tech than the concept. He was impressed by the hardware and the display, but questioned the device’s purpose. Despite the impressive tech, he felt the Vision Pro didn’t offer a more compelling mixed-reality experience than what’s already out there.

Tom’s Guide

Finally, Mark Spoonauer from Tom’s Guide was excited about the Vision Pro, but felt it lacked a “wow” factor to justify the price. He loved the interface and was impressed by the 3D version of Avatar: The Way of Water, but was less thrilled about the short battery life and the need for an external battery.

Analysis – Is The Vision Pro The Next Big Thing? 

Apple Pro Vision FeaturesPin

Mobile phones: these ubiquitous devices are no longer mere tools but essential aspects of our daily lives. They’ve become indispensable conduits for communication, professional tasks, entertainment, and engaging with a plethora of media forms, from web browsing to video streaming.

One of the key reasons behind their widespread popularity, apart from our near-universal familiarity, lies in their non-intrusive nature. You don’t need to wear them; they comfortably reside in your pocket, always at your disposal, ready to serve your needs.

Mixed-reality headsets and virtual reality gear, however, defy this convenience. They are inherently exclusionary devices that demand you to sacrifice your immediate reality in favor of an immersive virtual environment. Given the option, most individuals gravitate towards authentic experiences over the virtual realm, a fact evidenced by the lukewarm response to ventures like the MetaVerse.

Furthermore, the prospect of walking around and interacting with people while wearing these devices remains a dubious proposition. Sure, upon their release in the US, we’ll see some early adopters in cafes or on high streets. Yet, much like the Google Glass users of yesteryears, they will constitute the exceptions, not the norm. These devices, traditionally, tend to attract a specific crowd with a predilection for tech novelty but the price of the Vision Pro may put off even the most hardcore of early adopters.

The lingering question surrounding Apple’s Vision Pro, however, remains: what purpose does it serve, exactly? How does it differentiate itself from other mixed-reality headsets? Who would justify splurging $3499.99 on it? Even the most loyal, hand-picked, PR-briefed reviewers appear baffled.

As it stands, mixed reality headsets find their niche in gaming and movie-watching experiences, and that’s pretty much the extent of their appeal. With the exorbitant price tag of $3499.99, the Vision Pro seems to position itself as an elitist, novelty item for those with considerable disposable income.

As for the intended demographic for the Vision Pro? It’s a conundrum. Could it be influencers? Perhaps. But remember, the core function of influencers is to promote products to their followers. And it’s hard to bypass the undeniable truth that, as impressive as the Vision Pro might be, its cost places it beyond the reach of an average consumer.

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