Apple Vision Pro 2: Release Date, Price, Specs

When can we expect the Apple Vision Pro 2 and what will it look like?

TL;DR: When will Apple release the Apple Vision Pro 2?

  • Short answer: Probably not until sometime in 2025. 📆
  • Why? Because the Apple Vision Pro has only come out just now and Apple is unlikely to have a successor planned for 2024. 🥽
  • What will be different? That’s unknown, but Apple is at the very least likely to address weight complaints. 👨‍💻

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first entirely new product in nearly a decade. It’s a spatial computer that you wear on your face. The operating system of the Apple Vision Pro is visionOS and it projects apps and windows in front of you in 3D space.

The Apple Vision Pro is one of Apple’s most expensive devices ever – starting at $3,500. No wonder some people are returning it. But many others are excited about the future of the Apple Vision Pro. But just what is in the Apple Vision Pro’s future? Read on…

When Will Apple Release the Apple Vision Pro 2?

The Apple Vision Pro very much feels like a first-generation device. It’s got that premium Apple design people love and it’s the best mixed-reality headset you can buy, but the device feels too limited now. 

People are unhappy you can’t yet use the Apple Vision Pro as a display for your Xbox or PS5. They also don’t like that it lacks 5G. A big complaint is also about the weight of the Apple Vision Pro, which people say is too heavy.

All these issues can be addressed with the Apple Vision Pro 2. But when can we expect it?

It’s almost a certainty that Apple will not release the Apple Vision Pro 2 anytime this year. The original Apple Vision Pro only came out in February, so another iteration of the device by the fall or even the holiday period seems unlikely.

The most likely timeframe for the Apple Vision Pro 2’s launch will thus be sometime in 2025. But we wouldn’t hold our breath for February 2025, despite the Apple Vision Pro launching in February 2024. Rather, it’s likely the Apple Vision Pro 2 will launch in the summer or fall of 2025.

What Will Be Different About the Apple Vision Pro 2?

There have been zero Apple Vision Pro 2 rumors so far, but we can guess what the Apple Vision Pro 2 is likely to be like. We wouldn’t expect it to look much different than the current Apple Vision Pro – in other words, don’t think Apple is going to find a way to cram all the sensors and cameras in the Apple Vision Pro into something the size of a regular pair of sunglasses just yet.

But where the Apple Vision Pro is likely to be different is in the body materials. Right now there is a lot of metal in the Apple Vision Pro, giving it a premium feel but also weighing the device down – a problem when you need to wear it on your head for hours.

It’s likely Apple will use more plastic or lighter allows in the Apple Vision Pro 2 to reduce the load on the user’s neck.

Will the Apple Vision Pro 2 Have New Features?

It’s almost a certainty Apple will add some new features to the Apple Vision Pro 2. Our best guess, for now, is Apple will likely add Find My support to Apple Vision Pro 2 and may also add 5G support.

Besides that, Apple is likely to improve the device’s passthrough technology and displays, making objects viewed through the Apple Vision Pro 2 even sharper.

How Much Will The Apple Vision Pro 2 Cost?

This is what everyone wants to know. The Apple Vision Pro at $3,500 is currently too much for the average consumer – especially when most people can’t figure out what the Apple Vision Pro does that their computer can’t in terms of productivity.

If Apple wants the Apple Vision Pro to become a mainstream device, it is going to have to lower the price significantly. An Apple Vision Pro 2 priced at $1,999 could bring on a lot of users – but it’s unknown if Apple can get the costs down that much and still make a financial profit from each unit sold.

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