Want to use your Xbox or Playstation with the Apple Vision Pro? Here’s what you NEED to know…

TL;DR: Can I Use My Xbox Or PS5 With The Apple Vision Pro?

  • Short answer: There is no official way to, but there are workarounds. 🕹️
  • Controllers: However, Xbox and PS5 controllers CAN be used with the Apple Vision Pro. 🎮
  • But… If you want to use the Apple Vision Pro as the display for your Xbox or PlayStation you’ll have to use third-party solutions. 🎰

One of the best things about the Apple Vision Pro is its use as an entertainment device – specifically when watching Hollywood blockbusters made for the big screen. 

The Apple Vision Pro lets you expand the virtual size of your screen so it can encompass nearly every corner of your room. This makes it feel like you are watching your favorite movie on a cinema-sized gigantic display.

However, due to some practical limitations, the Apple Vision Pro can’t replace your TV yet. But what about when it comes to playing console games on the Apple Vision Pro? Can you use the Apple Vision Pro as the monitor for your Xbox or Playstation?

Here’s what you need to know…

Can The Apple Vision Pro Be Used With The Xbox Or PlayStation 5?

Unfortunately at this time, the Apple Vision Pro cannot be used as the screen for the Playstation 5 or the Xbox. This is because there is no way to plug the Apple Vision Pro into either console as you would plug the HDMI cable from your TV into the console.

This is a HUGE bummer because the virtual display of the Apple Vision Pro is ideally suited for gaming. Imagine playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or the latest Star Wars game on a 20-foot virtual Apple Vision Pro screen. It would be amazing!

Sadly, there is no official way to let you do this.

Are There Third-party Apps That Let You Use Apple Vision Pro With Xbox or PS5?

Yes, we’ve seen some proof-of-concept third-party apps that can let you use your Apple Vision Pro as your game console’s display. These apps work by wirelessly streaming the display output from the game console to the Apple Vision Pro.

However, while gamers who own an Apple Vision Pro will be sure to appreciate what some thrifty developers have come up with, these third-party solutions are lacking.

The problem is wirelessly streaming all the visual data a game console spits out takes up a lot of bandwidth. That’s why many of these third-party solutions result in console games on the Apple Vision Pro that look low-res or drop frames.

Why Doesn’t Apple Support Xbox Or PS5 on Apple Vision Pro?

We don’t know why. It’s possible that it’s not actually up to Apple. Presumably adding PS5 or Xbox support to the Apple Vision Pro would require some kind of permission or developer input from Sony or Microsoft.

It may be the gaming console companies that are preventing the Apple Vision Pro from working easily with their console. Of course, this is just speculation.

It’s entirely possible Apple, Sony, and Microsoft are already in discussions about using the Apple Vision Pro as a display output for PS5 and Xbox–we just can’t say for sure.

But The Apple Vision Pro DOES Support Xbox And PlayStation Controllers

While the Apple Vision Pro may not support PS5 or Xbox consoles, Apple’s computer headset does support the controllers that come with the consoles. 

As a matter of fact, the Apple Vision Pro supports any game controllers that are MFi (Made for iPhone)-compatible. This includes Xbox and PlayStation controllers and any controllers that work with the iPad.

While you can’t use these controllers to play console games on the Apple Vision Pro, they can be used to control games designed specifically for the Apple Vision Pro.

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