Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill is an excellent tool for manipulating your images. Here’s how to use it.

Have you ever wondered if you could change the type of shirt you wear in a picture to something else with basic prompts? Or make you wear a hat in a picture where you’re wearing none by typing a few words? It sounds like magic, but it’s not; it’s called Generative Fill and is available in Adobe Firefly. 

Adobe Firefly is Adobe’s generative AI image tool that can do many things, including text-to-image, generative fill, text effects, and generative recolor. 

With the generative fill feature in Adobe Firefly, you can manipulate a part of the image you upload and change it the way you want using text prompts. It differs from the text-to-image generation found in tools such as Midjourney or Dall-E 2 because it lets you upload your image to the tool, select part of it, and replace it with anything you type the prompt for. 

This article discusses how you can use the Generative fill feature in Adobe Firefly.

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?

With the Generative Fill option, you can use the brush to remove specific objects from an image and paint new ones from the text description. Let’s take a look at how to do that in Firefly:

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin

1. From the official website of Adobe Firefly, under the Generative fill section, click the Generate button.

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin

2. On the next page, you have to upload an image first. Click on the Upload Image button to select an image from your computer. 

3. You’ll see the image and tools surrounding it.

4. On the left side, you’ll find tools such as:

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin
  1. Insert – Select the parts in the image to insert generative fill to. 
  2. Remove – Remove parts from the image.
  3. Pan – To drag the image.

5. On the bottom side, you’ll get these tools (these tools come under Insert tool from the right toolbar):

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin
  1. Add – To add a prompt based on the next to be entered.
  2. Subtract – To remove something based on the selected area.
  3. Settings – Select the Brush size, Brush hardness, and Brush opacity. 
  4. Background – To choose the background.
  5. Invert – Invert the selection
How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin

6. Select the part of the image you want to fill by using the brush tools.

6. On the bottom side, below the bottom sidebar, you’ll see the option to enter the prompt. 

How To Use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Feature?Pin

7. Enter the prompt you want and click the Generate button beside it to see the result. 

8. You can select from the four choices or click the More button to see more generations. 

Generative Fill On Photoshop

The generative fill feature is available in the latest Photoshop Beta. Adobe is integrating its Firefly AI tools with most Creative Cloud apps. With the Generative Fill option in Photoshop, you get more flexibility and control compared to the web version in Firefly. To use it on Photoshop, however, you must be subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Generative Fill available in Photoshop?

Yes, Generative Fill is now also available in Photoshop beta as part of Firefly integration on Photoshop.

Can I use Adobe Firefly for free?

Adobe Firefly is currently completely free to use. 

Do I need a Creative Cloud subscription to use Firefly?

To you Firefly on the web, you don’t need a Creative Cloud subscription. But to use it on Photoshop, you need to have one.

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