Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Leaks, Comes With Snapdragon 805

News 14:48, 21 Oct 2014

Samsung has unveiled details on its new flagship upgrade that will include a brand new Snapdragon 805 chipset

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Vs 16:24, 20 Oct 2014

How does Samsung's Galaxy S5 compare to Apple's latest and greatest iPhone 6?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Now In The UK

News 16:15, 17 Oct 2014

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 4 phablet that boasts a brand new 5.7in QHD display

Samsung Galaxy Alpha A5 Specs, Price & Features

News 11:39, 8 Oct 2014

Samsung is working on its first all-metal handset... and it's currently codenamed the Samsung Galaxy A500

Samsung Gear VR Price Could Undercut Oculus Rift By $100

News 15:21, 6 Oct 2014

Samsung has confirmed its Gear virtual reality headset in partnership with the brains behind the Oculus Rift

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Specs & Features: Coming To Europe?

News 14:06, 2 Oct 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active may finally be coming to Europe as pictures emerge

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge: Pre-Orders Now Open

News 10:45, 29 Sep 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge might look like a gimmick but this device is our first proper look at what's coming in the near future

The Samsung Galaxy S6: Some Thoughts On...

News 15:32, 24 Sep 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in Q1 2014, meaning the next iteration is just around the corner. What can we expect?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Should You Wait For The Note 4?

Reviews 11:24, 19 Sep 2014

Samsung has a reputation to maintain - has it succeeded with its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5?

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4: Look at This MASSIVE Pair!

Vs 11:52, 16 Sep 2014

Time for a scrap between Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's first phablet

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gets OFFICIAL

News 12:17, 9 Sep 2014

Samsung unleashes the Galaxy Alpha, a sort-of-reboot of the Galaxy S5 just with a smaller display and metal bits

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Moto X (2014)

Vs 17:15, 5 Sep 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is here, but how does it compare to the Motorola Moto X 2014?

Android Wear 2.0 Update Landing October 15

News 12:00, 5 Sep 2014

Android Wear is getting its first update on October 15 to coincide with the launch of the Moto 360

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Initial Impressions

Reviews 17:06, 3 Sep 2014

Next to the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated handsets of 2014. Here are our thoughts

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Vs 16:06, 3 Sep 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 has now been announced - how does it compare to the Note 3?

ANOTHER Samsung Tizen OS Smartwatch Confirmed At IFA 2014

News 15:36, 3 Sep 2014

Samsung has confirmed another smartwatch at IFA 2014 – and this one doesn't need a phone to work

How To Update Samsung Galaxy S3 To Android KitKat 4.4

User guides 17:14, 2 Sep 2014

Want Android 4.4.4 KitKat On Your Galaxy S3? You can flash it with ParanoidAndroid

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price Confirmed In Russia

News 10:54, 2 Sep 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is going to cost the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for those in Russia

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 QHD Display Confirmed

News 11:03, 1 Sep 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been spotted on an IFA poster, while the QHD display has also been confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hands On Video Appears

News 15:16, 29 Aug 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has appeared in a new hands-on video showing off the first images of the handset working