Samsung Galaxy Note 6 "Lite" LEAKS. A Cheaper Note 6 Option?

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Samsung is said to be working on a cheaper Galaxy Note 6 variant with lower specs, but still packing a Snapdragon 820!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life & Performance: A Closer Look…

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A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 processing power and battery performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date Tipped For August

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Samsung could be planning to turn the Galaxy Note series into laptop hybrids

Could Galaxy Note 6 Be Samsung’s Answer To Surface Pro 4?

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OK — this is pretty “out there” but bear with me…I have a theory about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Android N and ChromeOS

Samsung Next-Gen Camera Sensor Details Leak

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Samsung is working on a new camera sensor with advanced next-gen specs and features

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE vs Huawei P9 Plus: Two of The Best

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The battle of the big screen flagships!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE

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Samsung's new Galaxy S7 flagships are here. But which is the best?

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Review: First Look

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6: TWO Test Models Spotted

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Samsung has two Galaxy Note 6 prototypes in testing but only one will see the light of day

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera is Utterly STUNNING

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 camera capabilities are among the best we've ever experienced -- take note competition

Samsung Back On Top In Q1 2016 As iPhone Growth FLATLINES

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Samsung leads on 2016 smartphone shipments...but the global market isn't at its healthiest

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We go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the latest flagship from the second most popular phone maker in the world

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5: The Best Android Phone?

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As usual, the Korean rivalry is back between Samsung and LG, how will the flagships of each compare in 2016?

Samsung Folding Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid Coming 2017

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Samsung's first truly flexible and folding smartphone will come in 2017

The BEST Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

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Dress your S7 up in the best clothes money can buy

Samsung Gear VR Review: Virtual Reality Begins Here

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Forget PlayStation VR, this is the perfect entry point for the tech

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Confirmed By Official Samsung App

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Samsung is working on a "rugged" Galaxy S7 Active variant of the Galaxy S7