Is The Misfit Vapor X Waterproof? A Guide For New Users…

The Misfit Vapor X is a popular Wear OS-powered smartwatch. But is the Misfit Vapor X waterproof? Here’s what you need to know…

The Misfit Vapor X is a good-looking Wear OS smartwatch that packs in a ton of features and decent specs. It is more expensive than the OPPO Watch, sitting closer to Apple and Samsung’s wearables with respect to price.

Misfit is a FOSSIL brand too, so if you haven’t heard of them before know that they’re part of one of the biggest watch brands on the planet.

FOSSIL also does a range of Wear OS devices too. And in most cases, they’re actually quite a bit better than its Misfit ones. At least, that’s been my experience of using them.

I do like the Misfit Vapor X, though – it is a really handsome wearable and it packs in plenty of useful features for those looking to track their workouts and fitness levels.

But how waterproof is the Misfit Vapor X? Can you go swimming with one on your wrist?

Is The Misfit Vapor X Waterproof?

As you’d expect, the Misfit Vapor X is designed to handle whatever the elements can throw at it. The wearable itself can be worn in water and will survive and function in depths of up to 50 meters, meaning you can wear it swimming and even diving, providing you don’t go super deep!

The Misfit Vapor X carries a 5 ATM official rating for its waterproofing and resistance. Technically, this means the Vapor X will function in water up to depths of 50 metres and will not be affected by the pressure – all of its tracking and monitoring functionality will work just fine.

Out of 7 possible water-resistance ratings, 5 ATM is the fifth best you can get on a wearable with the highest being 11 ATM which is designed for use on professional diver watches for depths up to and over 100 meters.

The only rating above 5 ATM, save for 11 ATM, is 10 ATM which can handle depths and water pressure up to 100 meters. Now, most people will not need this kind of coverage on their wearable which is why Misfit’s Vapor X only has a 5 ATM rating – that’s more than 99.9% of its users will ever need.

Water Ratings Comparison Table

Water RatingWhat It MeansProtects Against…
IPX7Up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutessplashes, rain or snow, showering
IPX6Water Spray Resistance (Inc. Jets, Heavy Spray, Shower, Outdoor Use)heavy spray, driving rain, boat washing, outdoor use in rough sea conditions
1 ATMPressures equivalent to a depth of 10 metressplashes, rain or snow, showering
3 ATMPressures equivalent to a depth of 30 metressplashes, rain or snow, showering, jumping into water
5 ATMPressures equivalent to a depth of 50 metressplashes, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into water, snorkeling
10 ATMPressures equivalent to a depth of 100 metressplashes, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into water, snorkeling, high-speed water sports
11 ATMPressures equivalent to a depth of over 100 metressplashes, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into water, snorkeling, high-speed water sports, scuba diving
A Quick Overview of The Different Types of Water-Resistance Ratings Used on Wearables & Smartwatches

When Did The Misfit Vapor X Come Out?

The Misfit Vapor X was officially released in August 2019, and because it runs on Wear OS – Google’s wearable platform – it will continue to get Wear OS updates as they’re made available.

Google’s update process, however, has been pretty sluggish over the last couple of years – Wear OS does not get the attention from Google it deserves, especially when compared to how Samsung and Huawei treat their platforms, Tizen OS and Lite OS.

You do get plenty of features out the box though, including heart-rate tracking and GPS, as well as support for apps via the Wear OS store. In terms of performance, the Misfit Vapor X is fine but we found its UX to be slightly sluggish when compared to the OPPO Watch.

How Much Is The Misfit Vapor X?

When the Misfit Vapor X first launched, it was pretty pricey – around $249. But you can now pick one up for just $149 which is really great value for money, considering just how good this wearable looks.

Add in things like its advanced water-resistance, large OLED display, and ample specs and hardware and you’re looking at a great deal on a very competitive smartwatch. I mean, it is around 60% cheaper than any of Apple’s latest Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch SE.

Best Place To Buy Misfit Vapor X

If you want to get a massive discount on the Misfit Vapor X, your best bet is Watch Station – it is selling it for $149 (down from $249). And that is a pretty hefty saving whichever way you slice it.

If you’re looking for a decent smartwatch that won’t break the bank, and you want Wear OS, I think the Misfit Vapor X – given its new, lower price – is now a very good option.

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