This guide will show you how to add a VPN to Samsung Galaxy A51 – it’s quick and simple and will get you up and running inside a few minutes! 

We access and make use of online resources every day, and when we do so, we use an IP address. This IP address is issued by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and reflects the location where you are browsing from. 

Have you ever wondered, when you visit a website, and it says the site is restricted to your region or country? How do you think your location is identified? It is through your IP address.

One solution for bypassing geo-restrictions is by making use of a VPN. If you want to use a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy A51 device, find out how to add one in this guide.

But, before we proceed, let’s show you what VPN is all about, and why you need a VPN

What Is A VPN? 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that enables you to access the internet privately. When you browse without a VPN, you are browsing from a public network that is provided by your ISP. You don’t use a stable IP address, but instead, several IP addresses are pulled from an IP pool with every new request. 

Fortunately, a VPN routes your web traffic, thereby sending and receiving data from your public internet connection toa private one. As a result, websites will identify your device by the private connection i.e. IP address provided by the VPN service.

Why Would You Need A VPN? 

In essence, VPNs have many functions but the primary one is to keep your information safe. With the number of hackers and cybercriminals on the web, you can give away sensitive information without knowing just by visiting a website. 

However, VPN encrypts your web traffic with top encryption technology like AES such that none of your browsing data is leaked. Typically, reliable VPN service providers store no logs so they cannot access your data.

By accessing the internet via a VPN, you are issued a new IP address. This new IP address can be from any location; hence, your true location will not be revealed. That way, you can visit and unblock any geo-restricted website. You can choose an IP address in any location of your choice and the benefit is that your IP address is obfuscated unless you end the VPN connection. 

Nevertheless, some premium VPNs offer dedicated IPs that allows you to browse with the same IP address at all times. 

How To Add A VPN To Samsung Galaxy A51

When it comes to finding a VPN, you have A LOT of options. Too many, in fact. And you definitely do not want to go with a free VPN – they’re not safe and your personal data will be compromised. Instead, go with one of our top-rated VPN providers – we’ve tested hundreds during the past 24 months. And these are our current top picks for speed, security, and ease of use:

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However, there are two steps to take before adding a VPN to your Samsung Galaxy A51 device. The first step is by using the VPN app, while the next step is by entering the VPN settings in the Galaxy A51 settings

1. Using a VPN app 

Follow the steps below to add a VPN app to your Samsung Galaxy A51 device:

  • Download and install the VPN – we recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN
  • Launch the VPN app and create an account if required. Alternatively, you can simply log in if you already have an account.
  • Select your ideal location and tap connect. (For premium VPNs, you’ll have to pay for a subscription before you can connect).
  • Grant the VPN app access to your device when prompted.
  • Start browsing.

2. Entering the VPN settings 

When you install a VPN app, the settings get automatically entered into your device. To enter them directly without an app, you’ll have to first acquire the VPN details from the service provider. 

Follow the steps below steps to continue: 

  • Navigate to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy A51.
  • Select connections and then More Connections.
  • Select VPN and tap the upper-right menu icon (three dots).
  • Select Add VPN Profile.
  • Setup Screen Lock on your device if prompt (This won’t come up if you have a Screen Lock activated already).. 
  • Fill in the required fields with the VPN details from the service provider.
  • Select save when done.

How To Remove A VPN From Samsung Galaxy A51

It is easy to remove a VPN if you no longer want it on your device. To remove your VPN app, simply delete/uninstall it from the Apps section under settings. Alternatively, you can remove your VPN app by tapping and holding it until the uninstall button comes up. 

If you added the VPN directly to the settings, visit Settings and then delete the VPN profile. 

Bottom Line 

With a VPN, you can surf the web anonymously, keep your information safe, unblock geo-restricted content, and more. On the other hand, by applying the simple steps above, you should be able to add a VPN to your Samsung Galaxy A51 device. 

If there’ll be any difficulty, it’ll be about deciding on which VPN is the best one to use. Although there are reliable free VPNs out there, they are usually limited to a few locations. Hence, it is ideal that you opt for a premium VPN service. These VPNs will cost you monthly or yearly subscription but they are mostly reliable and they have hundreds of VPN locations.