Nokia “Superman” Coming Late-2014 Alongside New Windows Phone 8.1 Update


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Microsoft’s first release following its acquisition of Nokia will be a mid-range Windows Phone that’s all about taking better selfies. The handset is currently codenamed “Superman” and is said to feature a 5MP front-facing camera. 

The Verge says the device will launch towards the end of the year, run Windows Phone 8.1 and is likely to be priced rather competitively. It’ll also pack in a 4.7in display and “mid-range” specs, which will likely see a mid-tier Qualcomm chipset, 1GB of RAM, SD-support and either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage included. 

Windows Phone 8.1 will begin rolling out to handsets in July. The Superman, however, will come later in the year alongside a brand new software update to the platform. Details of what this new update will include are unclear at present – although it’ll likely be bug fixes and, perhaps, a couple of new features.

There’ll be other launches before the close of 2014, too. One of which is said to be the Nokia Goldfinger, a high-end device we’ve heard mentioned a few times in the past. Whether these handsets will carry Nokia branding, however, remains to be seen; Microsoft could release them using its own title.

That’d probably be a foolish move on Microsoft’s part though. Nokia is a global brand recognized by millions; Microsoft is associated with PCs, software and consistently failing to keep pace with Apple and Google. In this context, perhaps it would be wise for Microsoft to keep Nokia’s branding in place, the company has, after all, made some pretty big in-roads in the mobile space these past 12 months. 

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