The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Cases Right Now

What’s the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case you can buy right now? Here’s our top picks for style, protection, functionality and value for money in 2023…

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of 2023’s best Android phones, and it is also one of its most expensive too. When most people drop $1000+ on something, they want to make sure it’s protected for bumps, drops, scratches and anything else life can throw at it.

And for that, you’re going to need a decent quality phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. And by good quality, we mean that it A) provides excellent protection, B) looks good, and C) in some cases adds in additional functionality – like being able to double as a wallet.


We tested over 45 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases building this list. We focused on choosing a wide array of styles – from minimalist cases to folio cases to clear, barely-there cases – in order to cover as many potential bases as possible.

But as of right now, we’re pretty confident that these 16 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases are the best options on the market right now…

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Cases

10/04/2023 07:28 am GMT

Samsung S-View Wallet Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Get a quick glance at your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s interactive display without even opening the cover, thanks to the innovative S-View Wallet Case. Designed to provide the perfect blend of protection, style, and convenience, this case is an excellent addition to your smartphone experience.

  • Interaction Window: With the S-View Wallet Case, you don’t need to open the cover to perform basic functions. Answer calls or pause your music with just a few simple taps on the display window.
  • Wallet Functionality: The Galaxy S23 Ultra S-View Wallet Case features a built-in card slot, making it easy to keep your ID or credit card close at hand, so you never have to worry about forgetting your wallet again.

Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone, the S-View Wallet Case offers a perfect fit and seamless integration with your device.

Samsung Silicone Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (6.8-inch, 2023), the Janmitta skin-friendly soft liquid silicone case offers a perfect fit and supports wireless charging, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on convenience.


Made from soft liquid silicone material and featuring a microfiber cushion inner, this case provides exceptional shockproof and heavy-duty protection against scratches. The raised lip around the screen and camera offers additional protection, effectively reducing the impact of accidental drops.

The Janmitta case is crafted with precise cutouts for volume buttons, S Pen hole, speakers, and charging ports, enabling easy access to all functions without needing to remove the cover. A fine hole design at the lens area eliminates the need for a separate camera lens protector.

Constructed from high-quality liquid silicone, this slim, lightweight case is fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant, with a silky matte finish that offers a comfortable, soft-touch feel.

And it is also available in loads of color options too.

TORRAS MarsClimber for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

The TORRAS Classic MarsClimber S23 Ultra Case features a 3-way kickstand, adjustable at 0-52° with self-locking stiffness, providing you with comfortable viewing, working, and video-calling angles. Say goodbye to neck and wrist pain caused by poor ergonomics with this Galaxy S23 Ultra case with a built-in stand.


Crafted from aerospace aluminum, the durable kickstand is designed to withstand more than 30,000 uses while still functioning perfectly. When folded, it lies nearly flush with the back of the case, ensuring a slim profile that easily slides in and out of your pocket without bulging or getting stuck.

This Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case offers 8FT military-grade protection, thanks to its solid PC back and flexible TPU frame, equipped with corner airbags, cellular edge airbags, and annular lens airbags. The raised lips protect the curved screen and camera from scratches. Tested by SGS and proven to withstand drops from 8FT without damage, this case gives you peace of mind.

The semi-translucent back of the case features a business dark color that never fades, lending your phone a mysterious and fashionable appearance. The nano-oleophobic coating on the back and laser texture on the edges provide an excellent comfortable touch and grip that you won’t want to put down.

The TORRAS Classic MarsClimber S23 Ultra Case is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 6.8-inch (released in 2023) and supports wireless charging and PowerShare

Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring Galaxy S23 Ultra case comes with an integrated metal ring, making it fully compatible with MagSafe for easy and convenient charging. Designed with a raised lip, it ensures extra protection for your screen and camera from scratches and impact.


Experience tactile buttons that provide solid feedback and easy pressing, allowing you to interact with your device seamlessly. Equipped with Air Cushion Technology, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring offers excellent shock absorption, safeguarding your phone from accidental drops and bumps.

Designed specifically for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring is a perfect fit for your device, offering a combination of style, functionality, and protection. And its main USP is that it’ll make your Galaxy S23 Ultra fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe tech.

Spigen Cryo Armor Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

The Spigen Cryo Armor case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra features a non-slip pattern that ensures a secure grip while using the phone. On the side, you have reinforced buttons with fully integrated haptic feedback for seamless interaction.


The Spigen Cryo Armor case offers extreme drop protection, thanks to Air Cushion Technology, safeguarding your phone from accidental drops and bumps. With raised lips for both camera and screen protection, this case provides all-around defense for your device.

Designed specifically for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Spigen Cryo Armor case is a perfect fit, offering a unique combination of style and functionality. We really like this case. It is relatively inexpensive and it provides some of the best protection on the market right now.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1 Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

The Smartish Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Case – Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 case has the capacity to securely hold up to three cards and some cash, perfect for those who prefer carrying minimal essentials.


The case features high-grip textured sides, ensuring your phone stays securely in your hand, preventing any accidental slips. With its ultra-light and durable construction, the Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 provides both protection and convenience without adding bulk to your device.

Designed to safeguard your phone, this case is equipped with protective air-pocket corners, acting as airbags for your Galaxy S23 Ultra. The built-in spring mechanism keeps your cards snug and secure, giving you peace of mind while on the go.

Bellroy Leather Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

As part of the exclusive Design for Samsung program, this case offers a perfect blend of style, protection, and functionality.


The super slim profile of the Bellroy Leather Case ensures a sleek look while maintaining your phone’s lightweight feel. Crafted from premium, eco-tanned leather and featuring a protective polymer bumper edge, this case provides exceptional durability without compromising on design.

The microfiber lining adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your device scratch-free.

Wireless charging compatibility allows for effortless charging without removing the case, adding convenience to your daily routine. Measuring 167mm x 82mm x 13mm (6.6 inches x 3.4 inches x 0.5 inches), the Bellroy Leather Case is designed with eco-tanned leather and flex polymer, backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, eco-friendly, and slim protective solution for your Galaxy S23 Ultra, this case comes HIGHLY recommended.

Mous Limitless 5.0 Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

Upgrade your Galaxy S23 Ultra protection with the MOUS Aramid Carbon Fiber Case. Specifically designed for Galaxy S23 Ultra, this case delivers absolute maximum protection with its AiroShock impact-absorbing technology.


Stay connected with the world of MagSafe, as this case is built from the ground up to be fully compatible with MagSafe accessories. This ensures seamless integration with wireless chargers, mounts, and other MagSafe-compatible products.

The refined design of the MOUS Aramid Carbon Fiber Case combines sleek style and high-quality materials, offering a unique and sophisticated appearance. The carbon fiber pattern adds a touch of luxury while providing durability and lightweight protection.

For added assurance, all MOUS cases come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Otterbox Commuter Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

Specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, this case offers enhanced drop protection, surpassing military standards (MIL-STD-810G 516.6) by 3 times.


Stay connected and enjoy wireless charging compatibility without needing to remove the case. The dual-layer thin phone case is made with 35% recycled plastic, showcasing OtterBox’s commitment to eco-friendly design without compromising protection.

The pocket-friendly design of the OtterBox Black Case provides a secure grip, ensuring your Galaxy S23 Ultra stays safe in your hands. Trust the OtterBox Black Case to deliver top-notch protection, eco-conscious materials, and seamless wireless charging compatibility for your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone Case

Add a touch of sparkle to your Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Speck Clear/Platinum Glitter Case. This stunning case features embedded glitter crystals that resist fading and scratching, maintaining their brilliance over time. Enjoy exceptional durability with up to 13-foot drop protection, ensuring your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra stays safe and sound.


Charge your device hassle-free with the case’s wireless charging compatibility. The Speck Clear/Platinum Glitter Case also includes Microban Protection, providing an extra layer of antimicrobial defense against unwanted bacteria. With a lifetime warranty, this case ensures long-lasting protection and style for your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Which Case is Best?

We’ve covered all the best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases above, highlighting their specific features, USPs, and how they stand out from the competition. If you’re still unsure about which case to go for, here’s a quick breakdown on the teams’ thoughts after using all of them.

The Best Case For Protection

The best case for overall protection is the Otterbox Commuter series case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. If you want your phone protected from literally everything life can throw at it, this is the case to go for – it is leagues ahead of everything else with its beyond-military-grade protection technology.

The Best Case For MagSafe

Samsung phones do not support MagSafe natively, it is a proprietary Apple technology only available on iPhone. But with certain Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases, you can take advantage of MagSafe with your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

And out of all the cases we tested, we liked the Mous Case the best – it looks amazing, it has loads of protection, and it packs in full MagSafe compatibility too.

The Best Wallet Case Option

If you want your case to double as a wallet, carrying a few cards and even have some room for some cash, the Smartish Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Case – Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is the one to go for. Not only does it look great but it’ll hold all of your cards, a bit of cash, and it’ll look totally badass while doing it.

The Best Clear Case Option

For those of you that don’t want to hide your Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear case is the best looking, least invasive case we tested.

You get a stunning looking case, complete with glitter built in, and it has superb protection deltas as well like 13 foot drop protection and an extra layer of antimicrobial defence against unwanted bacteria.

Best Leather Case For Galaxy S23 Ultra

If you want something premium-looking, you really cannot go wrong with leather. And the Bellroy Leather case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in racing green, looks and feels like a million bucks. If you’re a fan of high-end cases that add a premium aesthetic to your phone, this is the one to go for – it is bloody lovely.

And here’s all of our top picks for the best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases again, including pictures and pricing.

10/04/2023 07:28 am GMT

Need an assist picking the right Samsung Galaxy S23 model for your exact needs? Check out our complete guide to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series – it covers literally everything you could possibly want to know about all the models in the range.

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