EE partners with NVIDIA to boost its gaming services, offering customers affordable cloud gaming packages with GeForce NOW. The new plans include unlimited data for gaming, high resolution graphics, and access to a broad game library.


  • EE-NVIDIA Partnership: UK’s leading mobile network, EE, has partnered with NVIDIA to offer new cloud gaming services. The collaboration aims to provide EE customers with seamless and affordable gaming experiences.
  • Affordable Gaming Packages: Starting from just £22 per month, EE is offering cloud gaming packages that eliminate the need for large game downloads, updates, and patches. The packages also feature higher resolution graphics, quicker frame rates, and access to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service.
  • Two New 24-month Bundle Plans: EE unveiled two main bundle plans — PC Gaming and Gaming on the Big Screen. Both packages offer unlimited gaming and video data on mobile, a membership for NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and additional gaming hardware at a very affordable cost.
  • Testing at High Altitude Gaming Den: To support the launch, online gaming streamer, Leah ‘Leahviathan’ Alexandra, test-drove one of the new cloud gaming bundles at the UK’s highest altitude gaming den on Ben Nevis.
  • Commitment to High-Level Gaming: According to Sam Kemp, Director of Gaming at EE, this partnership with NVIDIA underscores EE’s commitment to making high-level gaming more accessible and affordable to customers across the UK.
  • Extended Gaming Range: EE has expanded its in-store and online offerings to include a variety of state-of-the-art gaming devices and accessories, including next-gen consoles and gaming laptops.

In a significant move into the gaming world, EE, the UK’s leading mobile network, has today partnered with the cloud gaming wizards, NVIDIA, to offer customers an affordable access to cloud gaming services.

Aiming to be the top gaming destination in the UK, EE is offering its customers new and exciting gaming packages, starting from just £22 per month.

These packages will allow customers to play a huge catalogue of games without having to worry about large downloads, updates, or patches.

The offerings come with the advantages of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service, featuring higher resolutions, quicker frame rates, and impressive graphics. So now, instead of being stuck in an infinite loop of loading screens, EE customers can spend their time in immersive gaming experiences.

In this line-up, EE has unveiled two main 24-month bundle plans:

  1. PC Gaming: For the PC gaming enthusiasts, EE’s new cloud gaming laptop bundle includes unlimited gaming and video data on mobile, along with a 6-month Priority membership for NVIDIA GeForce NOW, at a monthly cost of £23. A Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 laptop and a Razor Basilisk V3 gaming mouse can be added for an upfront payment of just £10. The bundle allows for intense PC gaming at 1080p and up to 60fps, supported by NVIDIA RTX graphics. Plus, customers can enjoy access to over 1,600 games.
  2. Gaming on the Big Screen: On the other hand, the smart TV gaming bundle is for those who want a big-screen gaming experience. The bundle includes unlimited gaming and video data on mobile and a 6-month Ultimate membership for NVIDIA GeForce NOW for £25 per month, along with a 43” Samsung Smart TV with Gaming Hub and a Turtle Beach Recon Cloud controller for just £10 upfront. As an introductory offer, this bundle is available at just £22 per month until the end of July, offering customers a saving of £72 over 24 months.

As a part of this initiative, EE partnered with Leah ‘Leahviathan’ Alexandra, a renowned online gaming streamer, to test one of these new cloud gaming bundles in the highest altitude gaming den in the UK, nestled 1,500ft above sea level in the Scottish Highlands.

Sam Kemp, Director of Gaming at EE, expressed his enthusiasm over the partnership, “By joining forces with NVIDIA, we aim to offer our customers some of the best gaming experiences available. We’re committed to making high-level gaming even more accessible and affordable to customers across the UK.”

This announcement comes on the heels of EE‘s expansion of its gaming devices and accessories range available in-store and on EE Add to Plan. This range includes cutting-edge gaming laptops, latest-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X or S and PlayStation 5, as well as in-store gaming bays in selected retail shops.

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