iPhone 16 Leaks: All The Latest News in One Place

The iPhone 15 series here and that can only mean one thing: work is now underway on the iPhone 16. Here’s all the leaks…

Apple’s process of product development isn’t exactly linear. What’s new to us, likely started its R&D phase a couple of years prior to its release. 

So, the iPhone 16 – Apple’s next iPhone release – has likely been in the R&D phase for a while, and despite Apple’s best attempts leaks do happen. 

Granted, as of right now, the iPhone 16 leaks are pretty thin on the ground. But that will all change as we move through 2023 and into 2024. 

Here’s what this iPhone 16 leaks and latest news post will cover: 

  • All the most current and up to date iPhone 16 leaks
  • Analysis of new features and rumored upgrades
  • Updates on new sensors and models
  • And everything else in between… 

Let’s dig in. 

iPhone 16 Rumors: All The Latest News So Far… 

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Apple’s Building A “Dedicated” – Meaning “Cheaper” – A17 Chip For iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus

The iPhone 16 may feature a surprising design choice regarding its processor. It might not follow the traditional chip succession, potentially utilizing a different and less efficient fabrication process, likely with a view to cutting costs, which would mark a significant shift in Apple’s approach to their Pro and regular models’ hardware configuration.

So, the expectation is that the iPhone 17 Pro, the dazzlingly fast chip in the iPhone 15 Pro, would slide down into the iPhone 16 next September.

But that may not be what’s intended, after all.

Instead, it seems, the A17 that is likely to arrive in a year’s time, could be fundamentally different from the A17 Pro we’ve just met. Which may not be a good thing because, guess what, it may be designed to cut costs.



  • The iPhone 16 is speculated not to follow the conventional chip succession sequence that previous models have adhered to, potentially utilizing a different processor than the one in the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • The iPhone 15 uses the A16 Bionic, the processor that powered the previous year’s iPhone 14 Pro, extending the life of Pro chips as standard iPhone models stay in the range longer.
  • Typically, the expectation would be for the iPhone 16 to inherit the chip from the iPhone 17 Pro, likely the A17 Pro.
  • However, reports suggest that the A17, which is likely to arrive next year, could be fundamentally different from the expected A17 Pro, potentially designed to cut costs, marking a notable departure from expectations.
  • The A17 Pro is reported to use the N3B process from chip maker TSMC, but the A17 in the iPhone 16 might use a different, presumably less efficient and cheaper, process called N3E.
  • The N3E process has fewer EUV layers and a lower transistor density compared to N3B, resulting in lower efficiency, and is not compatible with TSMC’s successor processes including N3P, N3X, and N3S.
  • Despite potentially using a more affordable fabrication process, it is unlikely that Apple would release a processor that does not meet its performance requirements, as Apple is known for ensuring its phones are high performers at every level.
  • If the A17 uses the N3E process, it might also necessitate a change in naming convention, such as A17 Pro SE, to reflect the fundamental differences in the chip.
  • Reliable analyst Jeff Pu corroborated the information about the N3E process and speculated that the iPhone 16 could see an increase in RAM, from 6GB to 8GB, to potentially counterbalance any loss in processor power.

There’ll Be A New “Capture Buttion” Introduced on iPhone 16 Series

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Do you like buttons? How about programmable capacitive buttons? Well, that’s exactly what this newly leaked iPhone 16 feature is all about. 

According to sources, the new “capture button” is being developed in-house at Apple HQ under the codename: Project Nova. 

What’s it for? No one really knows at the moment. 

But should it pass through the testing phase, it’ll be located where the iPhone 15’s mmWave cutout currently is (that cutout will move to the other side, apparently). 

The buttons are expected to work similarly to the Home Button on the iPhone SE, which mimics the press of a physical button through the built-in Taptic Engine. According to our sources, the capacitive buttons will feature force sensor functionality. Force sensors detect applied force, and convert the magnitude of force into electrical signals.

Mac Rumors

Key Takeaways

  • 🔄 The “Capture Button” is located where the mmWave cutout used to be; the mmWave cutout is now on the opposite side under the volume buttons.
  • 📲 Capture Button utilizes capacitive technology, detecting pressure and touch and providing haptic feedback rather than physically moving.
  • 🔄 The initial Bongo project involving capacitive buttons was canceled due to unsatisfactory results and hardware issues.
  • 🚀 The Capture Button is set to debut across the entire iPhone 16 lineup; however, there’s also a hardware configuration without this button.
  • 📏 Along with other features, the Pro models of iPhone 16 are expected to see an increase in screen size to 6.3″ and 6.9.”
  • 🕵️ The information available is pre-production, and the design of iPhone 16 has not been finalized, meaning the Capture Button may not appear on the final product.
  • 🖲️ iPhone 16 lineup is also expected to gain a capacitive “Action Button,” known as “Project Atlas,” with design and functionality similar to the Capture Button.

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max “Tetraprism” Camera Details

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I know, I know – you’re probably wondering what a “tetraprism camera” is. Well, the good news is that it isn’t a new technology – it’s already available inside the iPhone 15 Pro series.

But what, exactly, is a tetraprism camera when it’s at home and why should you, dear reader, care about it?

Let’s unpack this topic a little bit…

First and foremost, a tetraprism lens is just Apple’s fancy word for a periscope lens.

But there’s a little more nuance going on with Apple’s tetraprism camera. Imagine a periscope on a submarine—it lets you see things from a different angle.

A periscope lens in your iPhone works similarly. It uses special prisms to bend light, allowing the lens to run along the length of the phone.

Apple took this periscope idea and added a twist—literally!

Instead of bending light at a 90-degree angle, Apple uses four bends inside a prism.

This keeps the light path long but in the same plane as the other lenses. It’s like having a super lens that doesn’t take up extra space!

All these bends are housed in a single tetraprism, keeping things neat and simple.

This design helps in capturing bright and clear photos, even in low light, thanks to a maximum aperture of ƒ2.8.

The quality of the prism is crucial as well. Apple uses ones similar to what you’ll find inside professional DSLR cameras that reflect light off multiple surfaces to capture the perfect shot.

So, is anything changing with the iPhone 16’s tetraprism camera? Here’s what the leaks say…

Key Takeaways

  • 📸 Both iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will feature the same tetraprism lens as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with no expected changes in specification.
  • 🔮 Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the inclusion of the tetraprism lens in both Pro models for the iPhone 16 generation.
  • 🚀 Tetraprism lens arrangement allows increased telephoto optical zoom from 3x to 5x.
  • 💰 Due to the high demand and improved specifications of the lens arrangement, the component cost will increase by about 30%, to between $6 and $6.50 per unit.
  • 📈 Shipments of iPhones utilizing the tetraprism camera are predicted to grow by approximately 110% in 2024, reaching between 70 million and 80 million units.
  • 🏭 Main beneficiaries of the tetraprism promotion in 2024 will likely be current lens suppliers Largan, Crystal-Optech, and Lante Optics, with the latter two anticipated to expand production capacities for prisms by at least 50% in 2024.

iPhone 16 Release Date 😬

As always, between now and the launch of the iPhone 16 series, there will be plenty more speculation and new features rumored. 

But the million dollar question, will always be the same: when will the iPhone 16 get a release date? 

As of right now, it is impossible to predict exact dates. But given Apple’s roadmap of the last couple of years, as well as its tried and tested Q4 release window, we can make a few qualified guesses: 

  • The iPhone 16 series will likely debut sometime in September 2024
  • iPhone 16 series pre-orders will go live immediately after launch
  • There will be four models again: the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max

As for pricing? All bets are off. Personally, I feel like Apple has found the sweet-spot with its pricing, so I don’t see it changing things too much for the iPhone 16 series in 2023.

That’s it for now but stay tuned for more, as now that the iPhone 15 series is out the iPhone 16 leaks will be coming thick and fast… 

And as soon as a new one drops, we’ll be updating this post. You can bookmark it on Chrome using COMMAND + D 🙃

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