Here’s a simple collection of 300+ basic ChatGPT prompts to get you up and running with OpenAI’s revolutionary chatbot.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you’ll know all about ChatGPT. But how does one get started with ChatGPT?

First, you’ll need to understand how it works and what you can do with it. But mostly, you’ll need to understand prompts and how to write ChatGPT prompts – this is super-important. Prompts are how ChatGPT works and once you get good at prompts, well… the possibilities are truly endless.

Side bonus? The better you are at prompts, the more success you’ll have using ChatGPT alternatives as well.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are essentially the inputs or commands that you give to the AI to generate a response. When you type in a sentence or question, you’re giving a “prompt” to the AI. This prompt could be a single word, a question, or a detailed paragraph, depending on what you’re asking the AI to do.

For instance, if you’re asking the AI to draft an email, your prompt might be a detailed explanation of the message you want to convey. If you’re asking for information on a subject, say ancient history, your prompt might be a question with points you want covered. Or if you’re simply looking for a conversational partner to shoot the sh*t with, your prompt might look like this: I want to have a discussion with you about [insert topic].

The quality of your prompts, meaning how much detail they contain and the length of them, can and will have a massive affect on ChatGPT’s output. The better you are at prompts, the better you’ll do with ChatGPT.

And to get you started, we’ve collected 300+ of the best ChatGPT prompts for beginners. With these prompts, you’ll be able to unlock nearly all of ChatGPT’s core capabilities.

Let’s dig in…

ChatGPT Prompts

Best ChatGPT prompts for Marketing:

  • Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [topic of your choice]?
  • Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about [product or service or company].
  • Write a product description for my [product or service or company].
  • Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my [company] with/without using [Media channel].
  • How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of [Website name].
  • Make 5 distinct CTA messages and buttons for [Your product].
  • Create a [social media] campaign plan for launching an [your product], aimed at [Your target audience].
  • Analyze these below metrics to improve email open rates for a fashion brand .
  • Write follow-up emails to people who attended my [webinar topic] webinar.
  • Structure a weekly [newsletter topic] newsletter.
  • Make a post showcasing the benefits of using our product [product name] for [specific problem/issue].
  • Generate 5 creative ways to use Instagram Reels for [your product or service or company].
  • Create a social media post that targets [the specific audience] and explains how our product [product name] can help them.
  • Create a personalized email greeting for a VIP customer.
  • Write a list of 5 YouTube video ideas for [your product or company].
  • Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “Your product”.
  • Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about [topic].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Business:

  • Analyze the current state of [industry] and its trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Offer a detailed review of a [specific software or tool] for [describe your business].
  • Offer an in-depth analysis of the current state of small business legislation and regulations.
  • Offer a comprehensive guide to small business financing options.
  • Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business.
  • Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner.
  • Create an agenda for a meeting about [Meeting info] with my team.
  • Write an email to a client regarding a change in the project timeline.
  • Create a product roadmap for Instagram’s story.
  • Write an in-depth analysis of the current state of a specific industry and its potential for small business opportunities.
  • Prepare a presentation for a potential investor on [presentation topic].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Content Creation:

  • Develop a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students.
  • Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next month for our [company or product] on [topic of choice].
  • Generate a 2-minute video script for a Facebook ad campaign promoting our new service [Service description].
  • Write a blog post on the [topic of your choice].
  • Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “your company”.
  • Write a case study detailing [Topic of your choice].
  • Develop an appealing and inventive screenplay for a film.
  • Write a comprehensive guide to [topic].
  • Write an email to [person] with some facts about [Topic of your choice] with a [theme of your choice].
  • Generate a list of 5 LinkedIn articles to write for a [profession or topic of your choice].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Web Development:

  • Develop an architecture and code for a [website description] website with JavaScript.
  • Help me find mistakes and debug my code for [specific problem].
  • Assist in implementing a dynamic element for my website using [programming language or framework].
  • Design REST API endpoints for a blog application.
  • Explain how server-side rendering works and its benefits for SEO.
  • Provide tips for improving UX design on mobile devices.
  • Help me construct SQL queries to extract specific data from my database.
  • Assist in writing documentation and docstrings for a Python library.
  • Help me structure my website using WordPress.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Education:

  • Teach me about [topic of your choice].
  • Quiz me on [topic of your choice].
  • Provide summaries and explanations for [topic of your choice].
  • Help me plan a lesson and develop a curriculum for [subject or grade level].
  • Help me network and build partnerships in the education sector.
  • Assist me with research on [historical event or topic].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Teachers:

  • Collect data to monitor student learning in [subject or grade level].
  • Create quizzes and model essays for [subject or grade level].
  • Design classroom regulations and activities for [subject or grade level].
  • Provide steps to improve student performance in [subject or grade level].
  • Offer resume and career development advice for teachers.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Music:

  • Write lyrics for a [genre] song about [topic].
  • Create chord progressions and melodies for a [genre] song.
  • Make suggestions for a music video for [song title].
  • Develop songs or poems on the theme of [theme of your choice].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Fun:

  • Share some jokes or puns.
  • Create a sequel or prequel to a popular movie.
  • Play a game like Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, or Trivia.
  • Have fun with word ladders or Mad Libs.
  • Write a short story or fan fiction.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Healthcare and Wellbeing:

  • Provide healthy meal plans and recipes for [specific dietary requirements or goals].
  • Offer self-care and stress relief activities for busy professionals.
  • Explain concepts and provide tips on improving mental health.
  • Provide a guide on memory improvement techniques.
  • Suggest nutritious meals for a busy schedule.

Best ChatGPT prompts for AI Art:

  • Describe and interpret images and illustrations.
  • Design logos and posters for [specific purpose or company].
  • Create surreal landscapes and portraits.
  • Develop artistic concepts and interpretations.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Food and Cooking:

  • Plan meals and provide shopping lists for [specific dietary requirements or preferences].
  • Suggest recipes based on the ingredients I have on hand.
  • Recommend wine pairings for [specific type of cuisine or dish].
  • Provide vegan and healthy dinner ideas.
  • Suggest delicious desserts for [specific occasion or preference].

Best ChatGPT prompts for Games (Team Collaboration):

  • Play games like 20 Questions, Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, and more.
  • Engage in coding challenges or coding games.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Sales:

  • Create personalized sales emails or cold emails for [specific target audience].
  • Generate leads and identify cross-selling opportunities.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Analytics:

  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for [specific business or industry].
  • Provide formulas and SQL queries for calculating metrics.
  • Assist with dataset analysis and visualization.

Best ChatGPT prompts for Email Campaigns:

  • Write engaging subject lines and compelling email copy.
  • Provide A/B testing strategies and email optimization techniques.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

who owns chatgptPin

The ChatGPT prompts listed above are just starting points; they’re basic and simple.

If you need or want to start doing more advanced stuff with ChatGPT and your prompts, you’ll need to spend time researching LLMs and interacting with them, and get acquainted with OpenAI’s Playground which is a tool that gives you more granular control over ChatGPT’s output and capabilities.

For the absolute beginner that’s looking to boost their chops, this course is a brilliant starting point.

And to stay on top of all the latest developments, I’d strongly suggest you join our massively popular, tri-weekly AI Newsletter – it covers everything you need to know in bite-sized chunks.

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