Mwc 2012

ZTE launching Firefox OS-powered handset Q1 2013

News 14:43, 20 Sep 2012

ZTE will be one of the first manufacturers to release a smartphone running Mozilla’s HTML5-based Firefox OS

Galaxy Note-like LG Optimus Vu finally getting UK release

News 09:23, 20 Aug 2012

LG’s 5-inch phablet known as the Optimus Vu will be getting a UK release date in September

LG Optimus 4X HD review: first look

Reviews 17:36, 5 Jul 2012

Does the LG Optimus 4X HD have what it takes to complete with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X in 2012’s ferocious smartphone space? We go hands-on to find out

First shot of Mozilla’s Firefox OS appears on Twitter

News 10:23, 5 Jul 2012

Mozilla’s CTO Brendan Eich has published an image to Twitter of Firefox OS running on a Samsung handset

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko to be officially called ‘Firefox OS’

News 17:38, 2 Jul 2012

ZTE and Alcatel will be the first companies to release handsets powered by Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile OS, which was previously known as Boot 2 Gecko

LG Optimus 4X now available in UK

News 16:02, 28 Jun 2012

The LG Optimus 4X is now available from Expansys SIM-free for £454.99

LG Optimus L5

LG Optimus L5 confirmed for UK release

News 11:19, 18 Jun 2012

LG has confirmed the Optimus L5 will be coming to the UK in June

Why the UK needs an S4 Snapdragon-powered HTC One X

Features 17:37, 25 Apr 2012

An S4 Snapdragon version of the HTC One X could be coming to the UK. There’s no official word from HTC just yet — but this is definitely a good thing. Here’s why

Nokia 808 PureView UK release date confirmed

News 11:50, 12 Apr 2012

The Nokia 808 PureView will be available in the UK from May 7 for £539.95

Nokia’s 41-megapixel ‘808 PureView’ hits pre-order in Italy

News 11:21, 10 Apr 2012

Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 PureView is now up for pre-order in Italy

Nokia allegedly readying 10-inch Windows 8 tablet

News 11:06, 12 Mar 2012

Nokia is said to be readying a 10-inch Windows 8-powered tablet, according to supply chain watchdogs in Asia

ZTE Era review: First look

Reviews 18:05, 5 Mar 2012

The ZTE Era is one of the first Quad core smartphones to be released, running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko and why it could change the world

Features 18:02, 2 Mar 2012

We sit down with Mozilla’s Brendan Eich and Andreas Gal to get the inside scoop on the company’s HTML5-based mobile phone operating system, Boot to Gecko (B2G)

MWC 2012: HTC says the Sense UI was too ‘cluttered’

News 15:19, 1 Mar 2012

In the wake of complaints, HTC's product officer has said Sense 4.0 is a much more refined experience than its predecessors

MWC 2012: Polaroid reveals Pro smartphone and Spectrum

News 14:42, 1 Mar 2012

Polaroid is launching a range of Android phones and tablets

MWC 2012: Nvidia is working with Microsoft to power Windows

News 09:15, 1 Mar 2012

Nvidia has plans to power Windows 8 tablets with its Tegra 3 quad core technology

MWC 2012: Sony may not introduce quad core phones until 2013

News 08:52, 1 Mar 2012

A Sony manager has revealed that the company could ignore quad core until 2013

MWC 2012: First look: Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko (B2G) on

News 18:10, 29 Feb 2012

We get a live demo of Mozilla’s HTML5-based Boot to Gecko (B2G) operating system running on Samsung’s Galaxy S2

Top 10 features of Windows 8

Features 17:07, 29 Feb 2012

We bring you our top 10 reasons to get excited about Windows 8, including it's speedy boot time, Metro UI and Internet Explorer 10

Sony Xperia S vs HTC One S

Vs 16:35, 29 Feb 2012

We cross-examine Sony's Xperia S and HTC's new One S in a dual core showdown