A Tablet You Can Finally QOOQ With In The Kitchen?

Blogs Michael Grothaus 15:33, 12 Feb 2014

QOOQ is a durable tablet designed for use in then kitchen. It's even got its very own Linux-based OS...

Tablets have found all kinds of uses in the home, from being the essential bathroom reading device to homework helper to entertainment hub in the living room.

But one of the most frequent places a tablet is used in the home is in the kitchen, which explains why there are tens of thousands of cooking apps available for the iPad alone.

However the iPad and other tablets aren’t really built with the kitchen in mind. That’s why a French company has come up with a unique tablet called the QOOQ, which aims to be the only tablet foodies will ever need.

The QOOQ is a 10.1-inch tablet that, bravely enough, runs its own custom OS on top of a Linux kernel. Inside is a dual core 1Ghz processor and along the edges you’ll find a USB and Ethernet port, as well as a slot for SD cards. The QOOQ also has built in Wi-Fi, but no 3G.

From the moment you pick up a QOOQ (or put it down) you can see that its design was something built for the kitchen. For starts [yeah, that’s a new phrase we’re using] it’s got four curved legs which lift 99% of the tablet off the ground. This creates a gap between the kitchen counter and the QOOQ, allowing the tablet to stay clear from any spills or mess while you’re cooking. 

But it’s the custom OS of the QOOQ that makes it the world’s first “culinary tablet.” The Linux-based OS is designed completely around the cook. Users can view over 1000 recipes and videos that show they how to cook each recipe step by step.

The makers of the QOOQ have also worked with star chefs such as Jesse Schenker of Recette, Michael Ferraro of Delicatessen, Ivy Stark of Dos Caminos and Alison Price Becker of Alison Eighteen to deliver custom recipes for QOOQ users. 

Some really nice features of the QOOQ include the ability to automatically adjust ingredient lists and cooking times in the recipe based on how many people you are cooking for; the ability to create shopping lists and plan weekly meals; and, finally, the ability to enter in your own personal recipes.

There are also plenty of multimedia options: web browsing, email access, social media sharing, video & music players, a radio app, a weather app, a photo viewer and more besides.

The QOOQ isn’t going to dethrone the iPad, well, ever, but it is a great tablet for the major foodies out there. The QOOQ comes in Red, Cream, Black , Apple Green, Eggplant, Pink, Tangerine and Yellow and costs £249.99.

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