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Features Ben Griffin 12:09, 10 May 2010

We take a look at ten of the best iPhone games to hit the Apps Store in the last month or so

It’s a difficult enough job sifting through all the games released in a month, let alone having the chance to play and review them all - although we do try our damnedest.

As a result, we have compiled a Top Ten list of the iPhone games that kept stealing away our ever-precious moments of spare time over the last four weeks.

So without further ado, in no particular order, these are the games we currently think are definitely worth downloading and playing.

Chaos Rings - Square Enix

Chaos Rings, a role-playing game developed by SquareEnix, creators of Final Fantasy, has been met with a huge amount of praise from the gaming press and community.

And for good reason - if you want quality iPhone fantasy adventuring on the iPhone, Chaos Rings should be your first port of call.

Playing as part of a two-man team, players must battle other pairs in the Ark Arena to stay alive. As you progress, the story of other teams, and the mysterious Agent character, is told in an enthralling, immersive fashion you'd expect from a Final Fantasy game.

With a fluid and exceptional battle system that allows you to pair-up attacks, an abundance of exploration and adventuring on offer as well as excellent visuals - you have all the makings of a game worthy of its pricey £7.49 price tag.

Just don’t complain when you literally lose countless hours of your life in an attempt to level up your party of characters, and to sample all the different endings of the game.


The Glowing Void – Assyria Game Studio

We can’t get enough of The Glowing Void’s neon pleasures. In a genre and that's full of puzzling, five-minute affairs, it’s great to see something with a refreshing concept.

Creating glowing voids that cover 70 per cent of the screen is the aim. This is easier said than done when little red dots dynamically bounce around the screen - removing a life if touched.

Thanks to an update, three game modes now come in the £0.59 package, each as addicting and re-playable as each other.

With an ambient soundtrack to boot, and tranquil visuals, The Glowing Void is worthy of anyone’s collection, if only for its relaxing, strangely enthralling gameplay.

You can read the review here.

Angry Birds - Rovio

Okay, so it’s been out a while but updates to both the Lite and full version have meant many reasons to revisit the hugely popular bird-slinging app.

Using a sling-shot to launch angry birds - each with a different ability, towards the evil green pigs, it’s up to you to make each shot count in destroying the obstacles keeping the snouted beasts safe.

The new update added six new levels to the Lite version, and for paying customers, there's new levels and golden eggs to find, a new boomerang bird to master, and a few other improvements here and there.

Angry Birds has become a phenomenon, and received thousands of five star ratings on the App Store for a reason, it is epic fun wrapped up in a very comical, and beautifully imagined package.

You can read here why we gave it five stars, too.

Pool Pro Online 3 - Namco

Being a big fan of pool and snooker, and having played a lengthy career on the PC snooker game Carom, has meant the bar for what I expect from games of the genre to be rather high.

Luckily, Pool Pro Online 3 is everything a snooker / pool game should be, and more, so it more than surpassed our expectations.

The single-player aspect is excellent, and for once, the AI opponent is strong enough to present a worthy challenge, particularly on Hard and Pro difficulty.

Snooker, 8-ball and 9-ball are the modes on offer.

For those learning the ropes, the two easier difficulty levels provide an ample challenge, as well.

Multi-player can be done via Peer to Peer, Pass and Play and online.

Playing online is a particularly strong aspect - the waiting times to get a match and complete them is suitably speedy, and you can wager on a game for extra thrills.

Add in the ability to listen to your own songs, a Pro Shop offering custom cues, bays and pool / snooker rooms, and a control system that is a joy to use, and you have yourself what we reckon to be the definitive iPhone snooker and pool game.


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