How to create your own ringtone for your Nokia Lumia 800

User guides 10:23, 3 Aug 2012

We show you how to create and set your own Nokia Lumia 800 ringtone

Having a smartphone is all about making it your own, be it with sounds, custom contact ringtones or themes and apps, and there's no better way to let everyone know that your Nokia Lumia 800 truly belongs to you that by making your own ringtone. If you've heard a song or clip that you just love, it's possible to use it as an alert on your device, providing you know how.

Personalised ringtones have been around almost as long as mobile phones, with people going to great lengths to key in 8-bit tones on their early Nokias, and thankfully it's a lot easier than that for Lumia 800 users, as we aim to prove!

  1. First things first, make sure you have Zune installed on your PC
  2. Upload the song you want to use to Zune
  3. Once uploaded, find the file and right click on it
  4. Click on ‘Edit'
  5. Find the genre list and either click on ringtone or type it manually
  6. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB sync cable that came boxed with the device
  7. Sync your device with Zune
  8. Once sync'd, go into your device and from ‘Start', swipe to the App list
  9. Tap ‘Settings'
  10. Tap ‘Ringtones and sounds'
  11. Tap the ringtone list
  12. Scroll through until you find the tone you want to use and tap on it


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