The Tetris Company forces Tetrada out of WP7 Marketplace

News Paul Briden 16:29, 8 Feb 2011

Tetrada developer is muscled out of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace by Tetris Company's lawyers

Independently developed puzzler Tetrada has received a cease and desist order from The Tetris Company's lawyers.

Mario Karagiannis, a student and the lone developer of Tetrada under his label Karios Games, feels the Tetris Company is not so much protecting its intellectual property as strong-arming indie devs out of the competition.

Karios Games had published Tetrada on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and it had received positive reviews for its slick interface and presentation. Some reviewers claimed it even improved on the original Tetris format.

Posting on his blog, Mario claims The Tetris Company have rights over the Tetris name and logo, but not over the gameplay design and refutes their allegations of copyright infringement.

Mario is pulling Tetrada at its request because even though he claims the copyright infringement shouldn't stand, he doesn't have the financial ability to take on a court case. He has, however, started campaigning to bring independent developers together to resist what he considers 'bullying' of small developers by established companies.

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