Which Samsung Phones Have DEX? A Complete Guide [2023]

Samsung’s DEX platform lets you use your mobile phone as a computer by connecting it to a PC monitor. But which Samsung phones support DEX? Let’s find out…

Samsung DeX is a software platform that extends the functionality of certain Samsung smartphones and tablets, allowing them to be used in a desktop-like environment.

Short for “Desktop Experience,” DeX provides a way to transform your mobile device into a sort of mini-PC.

When connected to an external display, along with peripherals like a keyboard and mouse, the Samsung device can provide a more traditional computing experience, complete with a taskbar, windowed apps, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Key Features of Samsung DeX:

  1. Desktop-Like Interface: DeX offers a user interface that resembles a typical desktop environment, making it easier to multitask and manage files.
  2. Multi-Window Capability: You can open multiple applications in separate windows, much like you would on a desktop computer.
  3. Peripheral Support: DeX supports various peripherals like keyboards, mice, and even external storage devices, offering greater functionality and control.
  4. Application Compatibility: While not all Android apps are optimized for DeX, many commonly used applications like Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and various web browsers work well in the DeX environment.
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Newer Samsung models like the Samsung Galaxy S23 series allow for a wireless DeX experience, removing the need for any cables or special docks.

Which Samsung Phones Have DEX?

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If you have the following Samsung phones, you can use DEX. As of right now, the following Samsung phones and tablets support DEX:

  • Samsung Galaxy S series: Includes Galaxy S8 through S23 series.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note series: Features Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, and Note 20 series.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab series: Ranges from Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6, S6 Lite, S7 FE, S7, S7+, to S8 series.

It’s important to emphasize that DeX isn’t a universal feature across all Samsung devices, and certain older models may not support it. To use DeX effectively, you’ll need a compatible monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

What is Samsung DEX?

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Samsung’s DEX platform is a way of taking your phone or tablet’s software and porting it onto a desktop PC display or monitor. This means you can work, using a mouse and keyboard, on a larger display using just your phone and its apps.

Samsung initially required a proprietary dock to access DEX, but since the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, DEX can be accessed using an HDMI cable (a USB Type C to HDMI one). This means you no longer need to buy an additional piece of hardware to use DEX.

It is also worth noting that DEX itself is NOT hardware; it is software through and through that allows the user to port their phone’s software onto a larger display, like a PC monitor or compatible HDTV. You can use DEX with a mouse and keyboard too, so it is very close to a PC-style experience when it is up and running.

If you’re on a tight budget and have to choose between a smartphone or a laptop, DEX is a great go-between solution, as it effectively gives you two devices in one, a PC-style computing experience via DEX and a phone for when you’re out and about.

You can run Google Drive on DEX, so you get access to a word processor, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as things like IM and storage for your files and media. Samsung also has a suite of apps you can use on DEX as well but I tend to prefer Drive; it’s just the way I do things.

How Much Does Samsung DEX Cost?

DEX is completely free, providing you have a phone that supports it, DEX is bundled in as part of the Galaxy experience.

This is one of its biggest draws; being free means it offers a ton of utility, especially when used with other free apps like Google Drive.

You will, of course, need to buy peripherals for DEX, a keyboard, and a mouse. But most people tend to have these lying around the home. You’ll also need some sort of monitor or a compatible HDTV.

Samsung DEX Update History: What’s New In 2023?

Samsung DeX has seen a series of important updates to bolster its performance, stability, and security across various devices:

  • August 29, 2022: Samsung DeX was updated to version This update was primarily focused on enhancing the stability of the system, providing a more reliable and smoother user experience.
  • December 6, 2022: Another update rolled out, elevating the software to version This release continued the trend of making regular improvements, specifically geared towards bolstering both stability and overall performance.
  • February 16, 2023: Most recently, Samsung DeX was updated to version 4.2.35. This update went beyond mere performance tuning; it also significantly ramped up system security through a range of functional improvements.

It’s crucial to mention that the rollout of Samsung DeX updates can differ based on the device you’re using and your geographic location. Samsung also issues separate updates for the DeX applications designed for Windows and macOS, distinct from updates for the DeX app on Galaxy devices.

For those interested in keeping their Samsung DeX experience as up-to-date as possible, it’s advised to regularly check Samsung’s official website.

Wireless DeX Support in 2023

Wireless DeX, which was initially launched with the Galaxy Note 20, has come a long way and is now a standard feature in newer models, including the latest Galaxy S23 Series. This technology allows you to experience the DeX environment without the need for any physical cables.

How to Set Up Wireless DeX

Setting up wireless DeX is relatively simple and works similarly across most recent Samsung Galaxy models.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Device Compatibility: Ensure your TV supports Miracast.
  2. Wi-Fi Connection: Both your Samsung Galaxy device and your Smart TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Screen Mirroring: On your Smart TV, switch to screen mirroring mode.
  4. Quick Panel: On your Samsung Galaxy device, swipe down to access quick panel settings and tap on the DeX option.
  5. Select TV: Choose the TV you wish to cast to.

Wireless DeX enables a true second-screen experience. You can continue using your phone for calls and texts while it also powers the DeX interface on your Smart TV.

How to Launch DeX for the First Time

  1. Connect your phone to the monitor using the appropriate adapter or cable.
  2. Upon connecting, the DeX software should launch automatically, and you should see the DeX logo appear on the screen.
  3. Pair your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth on your phone and selecting your devices.

Bonus Tip: If you’re using the Multiport Adapter, you can also connect it to your phone’s charger to keep it topped up and also connect via ethernet for a more stable connection.

This feature is particularly useful for sharing content like presentations or streaming videos. It also works well for productivity tasks when connected to external peripherals like a keyboard and mouse.

Best DeX Adapters as of 2023

While wireless DeX offers immense convenience, wired options still have their place, especially for older Samsung models. Here are some of the current best DeX adapters:

  • DeX Cable: A straightforward solution that allows you to connect your Samsung device to a monitor.
  • HDMI Adapter: This adapter is compatible with most Samsung models and provides a simple HDMI connection.
  • Multiport Adapter: For a more versatile setup supporting ethernet, charging, and external monitor connections, a Multiport Adapter is your best bet.

Can DeX Replace Your Laptop or PC?

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DeX’s capabilities largely depend on your specific needs. For power-users relying on specialized software, DeX might not be sufficient. However, if your workflow revolves around web-based applications, cloud services, or standard office software, DeX can be a highly effective and portable solution.

Particularly for students, freelancers, or small businesses that utilize hot-desk setups, DeX offers a flexible and cost-effective workspace solution. All you need to carry is your Samsung Galaxy device, and with a cable, display, mouse, and keyboard, you can resume your workflow virtually anywhere.

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