What Devices Are Using YOUR Google Account? How To Check…


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Whenever you get a new Android device, it will insist on you connecting it up to a Google account. Once you’ve been through a few devices it sometimes means you can lose track of all the devices using your Google account.

It isn’t just Android either – computers, Macs and iOS devices can also access your Google account.

Google has now made it easy to track down all the devices on your account. It can come in useful if you suspect some dodgy activity on a device you don’t remember connecting up to or you just want to remember how many devices you have connected.

Let’s see how many devices are connected to your account. The following steps will help you remove devices you don’t want connected to your Google account as well.

1) Go To Google’s Devices Dashboard

Be sure you’re signed into the right Google account and then head on over to Google’s Devices & Activity page.

2) Look Through Your Devices

Here will appear a list of all the devices and computers that are currently logged into your account or have been signed in at some point over the past four weeks.

3) Remove Old Or Suspicious Devices

Not happy with any of the details on the list? Click on them for a few more details such as when it was last logged in and sometimes it’ll reveal the device’s location. There is a red “Remove” button in the list that allows you to disconnect your account remotely as well.

From here it’ll also boot up Android’s Device Manager. That will allow you to track down lost or stolen devices – read our full user guide on how to make the most of this feature.

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