Apple’s iPhone 11 is Discontinued – Here’s Why…

Apple’s official iPhone lineup inside its official store is now made up of 100% 5G iPhones, following the iPhone 11 being discontinued…

Key Takeaways: Discontinuation of iPhone 11 📱

  • End of an Era for iPhone 11 🛑
    • Discontinued following the iPhone 14’s launch.
  • Removed from Apple Store 🏬
    • No longer available for purchase on Apple’s official web store.
  • Reasons Behind Discontinuation 🤔

Can You Still Buy iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 is still a wildly popular phone, thanks to its now super-low price tag. Is it worth it? If you can live with 5G and don’t require an amazing camera, the iPhone 11 is still a very solid option in 2023 for certain types of people.

Me? I’d be more inclined to go with the iPhone 13; it is now very affordable and it has 5G, and OLED display and a very impressive camera.

The iPhone 11 was a great phone. It was also one of Apple’s best sellers in recent times. It had great battery life, a solid design, and a decent camera module, making it one of the best-selling iPhones of recent times.

Launched in 2019, the iPhone 11 got its release date on September 13, 2019. The phone – like all the models in Apple’s iPhone 11 series – did not feature 5G. Instead, Apple opted to skip the new mobile data standard, following fears it wasn’t quite ready for mass usage.

The iPhone 11 still sold well, despite not having 5G. And so did the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As always, Apple kept the iPhone 11 around following the launch of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 – it was reserved as a cheaper option inside Apple’s store.

Is The iPhone 11 Still Available To Buy?

Following the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple confirmed that it would be discontinuing the iPhone 11, as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. All three phones were removed from Apple’s web store, leaving the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone SE 2022 as the only options for 2022.

Refurbished iPhone 11Pin

Why did Apple kill off the iPhone 11? The most likely reason is that the phone, now three years old, has served its purpose. It also doesn’t run 5G which, in 2022, is something of a deal-breaker for most users, especially those in and around major towns and cities where 5G is now readily available.

2020’s iPhone 12 now replaces Apple’s iPhone 11 as Apple’s cheaper iPhone option. The iPhone 12 looks more or less the same as the iPhone 11, although it runs an updated camera module on its rear, supports 5G, and – rather annoyingly – has worse battery life (by around four hours). If you want to pick up the iPhone 12 today, it is now available for $599.

How Much Does The iPhone 11 Cost in 2023?

Price In The USA

iPhone 11 64GB (Unlocked)64GBUnlocked$219.99
iPhone 11 128GB (Unlocked)128GBUnlocked$264.99
iPhone 11 64GB (T-Mobile)64GBT-Mobile$219.99
iPhone 11 256GB (Unlocked)256GBUnlocked$299.99
iPhone 11 64GB (AT&T)64GBAT&T$219.99
iPhone 11 128GB (AT&T)128GBAT&T$264.99
iPhone 11 128GB (T-Mobile)128GBT-Mobile$264.99
iPhone 11 256GB (AT&T)256GBAT&T$299.99

Storage Capacity:

There are three storage options available: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Generally, the more storage, the higher the price. It’s important to consider how much space you’ll need for apps, photos, videos, and other data.

Storage Comparison:

  • 64GB: Basic option, suitable for those who use cloud storage or do not store much data on their phone.
  • 128GB: Mid-range option, a good balance for those who store a moderate amount of data.
  • 256GB: High capacity, best for those who store lots of media or use their phone for work-related tasks.

Carrier Options:

The iPhones are available either unlocked or tied to specific carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T).

Carrier Comparison:

  • Unlocked: Can be used with any carrier, offering flexibility if you change providers.
  • T-Mobile and AT&T: Limited to use with the specific carrier, potentially offering carrier-specific benefits or deals.

Pricing Analysis:

The prices vary based on storage capacity and carrier.

Price Overview:

Which is Best For You?

Price In The UK

Apple iPhone 1164GBWhite£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBRed£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBGreen£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBPurple£239 – £489£250
Apple iPhone 1164GBBlack£239 – £489£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBWhite£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBRed£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBPurple£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBGreen£250 – £539£289
Apple iPhone 11128GBBlack£250 – £539£410

Pricing and Savings

The prices vary based on storage capacity, and there are savings to be considered.

Price and Savings Overview:

Which is Best For You?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the 64GB models offer a good balance between price and storage. The range of colors allows for personalization without impacting the price, except for the Black model, which offers slightly higher savings.

For those needing more storage, the 128GB models are only marginally more expensive but offer significantly more space. The Black 128GB model stands out for its higher savings, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking more storage.

Is The iPhone 11 Still Good In 2023?

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to run an iPhone, sure, the iPhone 11 is worth a look. You have to keep in mind that the phone does not run 5G and is now three years old, though. This means it does lack the power and performance of newer models like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Still, the iPhone 11 will get iOS updates for years to come, and its CPU, while a few years old, is still very powerful – even by 2022 standards. If you bought an iPhone 11 today, you could happily run it for a solid couple of years, maybe more, without issue.

The camera is decent enough, although it is now starting to show its age when compared to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13. It’ll still snap decent-looking pictures, though, so if all you need is something for uploading snaps to Facebook and Instagram, it’ll be more than enough.

And because it doesn’t run 5G, the battery life is incredible – the iPhone 11 battery will last all day and then some. When I had one, I could easily get through nearly two days of heavy usage before a top-up was required.

If you want even better battery performance, go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max – it is now pretty cheap and has insanely good battery life (and very good camera performance too).

As I said, you’ll need to pick them up refurbished. But this isn’t an issue – I’ve included links to our two favorite refurb specialists below.

Best Refurbished iPhone Retailer In USA
Gazelle: The US’ #1 Refurb iPhone Specialist

Gazelle is the USA’s biggest and most trusted refurbished tech retailer. It sells everything from iPhones to MacBooks and Samsung phones. All Gazelle phones are extensively tested before they’re sold, meaning they look and function as good as new. If you’re in the US, Gazelle is the one to go for. 

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Best Refurbished Phone Retailer In UK
REBOXED: The Best For UK & EU

REBOXED has a massive selection of refurbished iPhones, Samsung phones, Apple Watch devices, AirPods, and more. If you’re after quality, reliability, and the best prices on the market, REBOXED is where it is at for users in the UK and Europe. 

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Refurb iPhones look and function as good as new. But because they’re refurbished, they’re often upwards of 40% cheaper than buying a new phone. Basically, if you’re looking to save money in 2022 it is one of the easiest ways of having your cake and eating it, figuratively speaking.

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is a leading UK technology journalist with a focus on consumer tech trends and data security. Renowned for his insightful analysis, Richard has contributed to Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, and CNBC, making complex tech issues accessible to a broad audience.

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Users may find that if the display has been replaced with non OEM, facial recognition may not work, meaning users will have to enter their PIN to unlock the screen whenever they want to access the UI.

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