The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Making Music In 2020

The first gadget most of us are introduced to isn’t a smartphone or computer. It’s a much older technology: a musical instrument. And sometimes, we fall in love with that first gadget from such a young age that we want to continue making music long into adulthood. Now, of course,…

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Best (Most Secure) VPNs: 2020’s #1 Top No Logs VPNs

If you’re looking for a no log VPN for your phone, PC, or home, then look no further: these are the best no-log VPN providers right now on the market right now. In order to generate this list, we tested over 30 of the most popular VPNs on the market.…

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Business In 2020

It’s almost inconceivable that any business can run today without the help of computers. Even businesses that might seem like they are computer-free, say, surf schools, for example, still rely on computers in some way just to function. In this case, they at least need email and invoicing software to…

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Digital Art In 2020

When I was a kid, if you wanted to draw you had to use a pencil and paper–and if you messed up, things could get quite expensive. Drawing pads aren’t cheap, after all (don’t even get me started on paint)! But with the advent of tablets, especially, drawing has transitioned…

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Brain Training In 2020

Whenever a new technology comes around, there are some out there who will shout from the rooftops that it will be the death of society, making us stupider and more isolated. People said this about the radio, the television, and yes–the smartphone. And look, they do have a point. After…

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YouTube Premium Review: I Finally Caved – Is It Worth It?

With YouTube Premium, you get access to YouTube without ads as well as YouTube Music. But it is worth £11.99 a month? Let’s find out… YouTube is one of the most popular apps and websites on the web. Around 2 billion people access YouTube every month. On top of that,…

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