Here’s everything you need to know about how long your iPhone 13 will get updates for…

Your iPhone 13 Will Get Updates Until At Least 2026

I’ve been running an iPhone 13 for the past couple of years, it still works great. But given we’re approaching the release of the iPhone 13, how much more support can we expect for Apple’s iPhone 13 series. 

The good news is that Apple’s iPhone 13 – this includes all models, the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max – until 2026. That’s a conservative estimate too, based on Apple’s current support cycles. The iPhone 13 could last longer. 

How much longer? A couple of years at least. Maybe even three, taking it all the way up to 2029 – although this seems unlikely given all of the AI stuff Apple is looking to bring to iOS later this year. 

ModelReleasedDiscontinuedSupportedEstimated EOL
1522 Sep 2023In ProductionYes22 Sep 2029
15 Plus22 Sep 2023In ProductionYes22 Sep 2029
15 Pro22 Sep 2023In ProductionYes22 Sep 2029
15 Pro Max22 Sep 2023In ProductionYes22 Sep 2029
14 Plus07 Oct 2022In ProductionYes07 Oct 2028
1416 Sep 2022In ProductionYes16 Sep 2028
14 Pro16 Sep 202212 Sep 2023Yes16 Sep 2028
14 Pro Max16 Sep 202212 Sep 2023Yes16 Sep 2028
1324 Sep 2021In ProductionYes24 Sep 2027
13 Mini24 Sep 202112 Sep 2023Yes24 Sep 2027
13 Pro24 Sep 202107 Sep 2022Yes24 Sep 2027
13 Pro Max24 Sep 202107 Sep 2022Yes24 Sep 2027
12 Mini13 Nov 202007 Sep 2022Yes13 Nov 2026
12 Pro Max13 Nov 202014 Sep 2021Yes13 Nov 2026
1223 Oct 202012 Sep 2023Yes23 Oct 2026
12 Pro23 Oct 202014 Sep 2021Yes23 Oct 2026
1120 Sep 201907 Sep 2022Yes20 Sep 2025
11 Pro20 Sep 201913 Oct 2020Yes20 Sep 2025
11 Pro Max20 Sep 201913 Oct 2020Yes20 Sep 2025
This table shows the estimated end of life for each of Apple’s iPhone models going back to the iPhone 11 series. It is based on the idea that iPhones get at least six years’ worth of updates and support. Obviously, things can change – support can be longer (and in some cases is). But this should give you a ballpark figure.

The iPhone 13 Is A Great Value Buy In 2024

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This extended support, up to at least 2026, and the fact you can now pick up Apple’s iPhone 13 for very little money make it a very good option for anyone that is looking to save some cash in 2024 (but still wants an iPhone). 

If you’re running an iPhone 11 – support for the iPhone 11 will likely end in and around 2025, possibly later – but that phone, as you will know all too well, does not have 5G and the camera is now starting to show its age. 

Upgrading from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 13, therefore, will feel like a massive upgrade. Obviously, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 will be even better but for those looking to save cash, the iPhone 13 is still a rock-solid phone. 

As I said, this is the phone I currently use (and I write about phones for a living). The reason I haven’t upgraded to a newer iPhone model is because I don’t need to: my iPhone 13 is running fine, the battery health is still 97%, and the camera is still more than enough for my needs

On the refurbished market, you can pick up an iPhone 13 for in around the $300/£300 mark, placing it squarely in the midrange phone bracket. 

Trust me, the iPhone 13 is NOT a midrange phone, though. It has a massively over-powered chipset, comes in multiple storage options, and its software is lightning fast – even the latest builds. 

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