How to set up your Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time

User guides Clare Hopping 15:34, 3 May 2013

We explain how to set up your Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time

The Samsung Galaxy S4 promises to be one of the most popular smartphones of 2013. If you've just received your device, here's how to set it up right from the box.

Setting the date, time and language on your Samsung Galaxy S4

First, you’ll need to choose your language and the date and time. Check those displayed are correct and tap 'Next' (your phone will automatically use your network to set the date and time).

How to set up your Samsung account on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Your Samsung Galaxy will now ask if you have a Samsung account (the Galaxy Nexus will skip this step). You can sign in if you have one, set up a new account or skip the step altogether.

Setting up your Google account on the Samsung Galaxy S4

You’ll be asked if you have a Google account or not. This will set up your email for you as well as registering your email account for services like Google Play, which is the Android application, music and video store.

Set up backup and restore on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Your phone will now ask if you'd like to back up and restore your phone. If you've used Android before, it will restore your phone to the last used settings. It may take some time though depending on what you had installed.

Use Google location on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Here, you can opt whether you'd like Google to collect and store your location data for Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile networks. It'll stay stored on your device and could be used for things like remembering Wi-Fi network connection details.

You can also opt in to your Samsung phone using your location in Google search results and other Google services. Allowing this will provide better, more relevant search results for you.

Setting up Dropbox on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that can store documents, photos, videos and any other files. If you set the service up on your computer too, you can access your files wherever you are. You can also access the service via a browser.

After you've set up an account or entered your existing details, you can choose whether you want all your photos and videos automatically saved to Dropbox.

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