Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype leaks online

News Richard Goodwin 10:22, 10 Jun 2013

Pictures and specs for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 have leaked online ahead of the phablet’s expected Q3 release date

Pictures and spec details of a handset that’s said to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been leaked online ahead of its Q3 launch at IFA 2013 in Berlin. 

The leak comes via Sam Mobile – usually very reliable – which claims what we’re looking at here is indeed a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013 in September, according to reports. If true this would be in keeping with 2012’s Galaxy Note 2 launch, which also took place at IFA.

‘As you will notice below the screen is pretty big. We do not think the device below is the Galaxy Mega 6.3 because of the corners, high-resolution display and bezel,’ said the report. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumoured to feature a 5.99-inch Super AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera, octo-core Exynos 5 or Snapdragon 800 processor, the report added.

S-Pen functions will of course also feature with either Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.3, overlaid with Samsung’s TouchWiz UX, as the operating system of choice.

No doubt we’ll be seeing more salacious shots of the Note 3 as its Q3 launch date approaches. 

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Sweet Jesus..

IFA 2012?? cmon guys...... this is 2013.........

Sunny – or hawk-eye as i will refer to you from now on – good spot, that was indeed a typo. I clearly hadn't had my morning coffee when penning this one.

Cheers for the heads-up!

Look kinda ugly. I think the n2 look way better

Lolzzz!! u r a great tech webpage guys... keep up the good work........ Hope the G note 3 comes with the snapdragon lte chip!!

I wonder if it is going to have a metal case. Maybe that is why they changed the look. I am not sure there is going to be enough here to convince me to upgrade from the Note 2 which is by far the best device I have ever owned.

Bezel is the most important part of any flagship device, and this once seems kinda thick. I really do not feel that the Octacore chip is required. Rather Sammy should work on at least 32GB onboard memory and the snapdragon 800 on the international unlocked version. LTE is the in thing and its high time Sammy brings in LTE devices, rather than pumping up the screen to the level beyond the grip of the hand............ Lets hope for the best!!!

I love my Note 2, it is the best device I've ever owned. Yet, I do admit that I am intrigued by the rumors and I may just upgrade if most of those specs turn out to be true. Kind of anxious for it to get released!

Also Luv my Note2 (like guy below).... but I've seen this happen before with other Gadgets (and w/ Car models) ... They'll keep tweaking & "improving" it.. until they Finally RUIN it...
HTC did it with their original EVO .... HP did it with their pocketPC: IPAQ ...
And I hope Sammy doesn't eventually ruin the Awesomeness that is the Note.

metal case (and no Removable battery, or SD CARD slot) would = Fail ... imo

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