Apple iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 launch delayed

News Paul Briden 10:26, 2 Jul 2013

Apple's iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2

Apple’s iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 successor models may have been delayed if reports prove accurate.

According to hit-and-miss rumour-monger IBTimes, Foxconn, Apple’s hitherto de facto manufacturing partner in China, has fallen out of favour somewhat. Previously it was thought Foxconn would handle the bulk of Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini manufacturing but it now appears this is not the case with Foxconn hinting that it is not producing Apple’s tablets.

The reports say Apple found Foxconn ‘unreliable’ and is distancing itself from companies which have ties to Android device production. Apple allegedly has another partner onboard but so far no-one knows who.

Apple is supposedly gearing up to launch iOS 7 on September 18, while some sources indicate the iPhone 5S (and possibly the iPhone Light budget model) will launch on September 20. There’s no indication at present that the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will arrive at the same time and as the iPad 4 and iPad Mini arrived in unison in October 2012 it seemed probable that the same thing would happen with their successors this year.

However, owing to these reports of Apple shifting manufacturing to a new supplier, and such a shift potentially causing delays, it's not clear when the new tablets might appear - could we now be waiting until early 2014 for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2?

We suspect not, Apple will be keen to benefit from sales ahead of the Christmas period and that may mean it puts pressure on its manufacturing partners to deliver the new iPads before December.

The iPad Mini 2 is expected to get a bump-up in specs, including a Retina resolution display which its predecessor lacked and a faster processor.

Meanwhile the iPad 5 is thought to be undergoing a design overhaul and will allegedly look like a large iPad Mini, complete with a narrow bezel. It too will likely sport updated internal hardware and may introduce Apple’s rumoured A7 chipset.


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