ZTE snubs Windows Phone 7, it’s not popular enough


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ZTE has confirmed that it’s giving Windows Phone 7 a miss for now – apparently, it’s not popular enough.

Granted, we all know that Windows Phone 7 isn’t the biggest operating system in the world, but it’s good enough for Nokia – so what’s ZTE scoffing at?

For starters, ZTE has concerns over the platform’s performance, according to the WSJ.

ZTE, which is the world’s fifth largest handset manufacturer in the world, produces low-cost handsets for developing markets, as well as some mid-range smartphones, like the Android-powered ZTE Skate.

At present ZTE isn’t impressed with Windows Phone 7’s market penetration.

Although the company claims it is in “active R&D” with the platform.

So, will we see any Windows Phone 7-powered ZTE handsets anytime soon?

We don’t think so, but then again, even if ZTE did decide to release a Windows Phone 7 handset there’s no way it’d be able to complete with the Nokia Windows Phone handset and the hysteria train surrounding that little package.

Either way, it’s an interesting little tale.

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