Windows Phone 7 will get Apple Mac sync software


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Microsoft has confirmed that it will be releasing an Apple Mac sync client for its Windows Phone 7 devices called ‘Windows Phone Connector for Mac’. The consumer beta will start on October 24.

We all use Macs, so when we got a couple of Windows Phone 7 devices in the office, we were pretty peeved that we couldn’t sync it with our PCs without the use of something like Vmware.

Thankfully, Microsoft saw this problem coming and have prepared some syncing software that will allow Mac users to sync their PCs with Windows Phone 7 devices.

Esentially, Windows Phone connector for Mac piggy-backs off iTunes and iPhoto, giving the user a very similar experience to that of Apple’s multimedia service, but you will be able to add music to Windows Phone handsets.

Playlists, album info, genre and the like can all be imported, keeping your collection as you had it. Music, video etc purchased from either Zune or iTines, non-DRM, of course, can also be put on, as well as your pictures and photos.

Whilst we would rather see Zune software arriving sooner, this fix looks like the perfect solution to any Mac Windows Phone 7 user woes.

Windows Phone Connector for Mac will ship with all Windows Phone 7 devices, but the beta won’t go live until October 24, according to Microsoft – just three days after the first handsets go on sale.

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