Windows Phone 7 profiles de-linking and Tiles un-pinning


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Fresh off the back of “Data-Gate” Microsoft is in the hot water again with Windows Phone 7.

This time, profiles are de-linking and Tiles are becoming un-pinned from the homescreen.

Obviously, this isn’t good for Microsoft, or Windows Phone 7 for that matter, as you can’t very well champion a mobile operating system that appears to have a mind of its own – unless, of course, it was called HAL.

But it isn’t. So what are the main issues at play?

First up is this little doozey: Pinned contact tiles (contacts that you’ve pinned to the homescreen) are simply disappearing, eradicating your well planned shortcuts. Thankfully, the actual contact details aren’t missing though – just the short cut.

The second issue is “de-linking” where contacts that are linked to either Facebook, Google or Yahoo – or all of them – are suddenly de-linking without the user’s consent.

It’s unclear how many users have been affected by the bug, but the news comes via Windows Phone Secrets.

Here’s Microsoft’s official line on the issue:

“We’ve found an issue resulting in some contacts being unpinned from the Start screen, or contacts that were linked together manually becoming unlinked. We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re working quickly to resolve the issue to ensure it will affect as few people as possible.

“Also, be reassured that none of your contacts have been deleted from your phone. You should be able to find them in the People Hub, if you want to pin or link them again.”


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